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Name: Sheriff Noah Stilinski
Occupation: County Sheriff for Beacon Hills County, California
Relationships: Stiles Stilinski (son)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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Sheriff Noah Stilinski is a supporting character on the television show Teen Wolf. He is Stiles Stilinski's father, and is the County Sheriff of Beacon Hills County, California. He is portrayed by actor Linden Ashby.


The Sheriff originally had no first name in canon, so fandom mostly refereed to him as "the Sheriff". Sometimes he was given a first name for the purposes of fanworks, the most frequently chosen name was "John". He doesn't have a large variety of pairings, his most popular ship is with Melissa McCall, he is occasionally shipped with Chris Argent or Peter Hale, there are also fanworks focusing on his relationship with his deceased wife. A lot of fanworks concentrate on his relationship with his son, Stiles, and some have him acting as an adoptive father figure to the rest of the pack. A common trope in early fanworks was The Sheriff Finds Out, but in season 3 he becomes aware of the supernatural in canon.

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