Sheriff & Stiles Stilinski

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Sheriff Stilinski & Stiles Stilinski
Alternative name(s): Stilinski Family Feels
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Type: Familial (father & son)
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Moderately common
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Sheriff & Stiles Stilinski is a canonical father/son relationship on the television show Teen Wolf that is often the subject of fanworks.


On the show, Stiles and the Sheriff have a close relationship, though one that has gone through many ups and downs as a result of Stiles' involvement with werewolves. In particular, through the first few seasons their relationship became more and more fraught as the Sheriff found Stiles in increasingly suspicious circumstances around crime scenes and Stiles refused to tell him the truth of his involvement. The lowest point came when the Sheriff was briefly fired after a supernatural assault on the station that he knew Stiles had some part in, and when the Sheriff ultimately suspected Stiles of being a serial killer. Eventually, Stiles told the Sheriff about everything, and their relationship has been back on solid footing ever since.


Many fanworks dealing with this relationship are tagged Stilinski Family Feels.


  • Sheriff Finds Out: Up until Stiles told the Sheriff about everything in canon, many fanworks explored how he might find out.
  • Hurt/Comfort: Often surrounding their shared grief at the death of Claudia Stilinski, the Sheriff's wife and Stiles's mother.
  • Stiles Monitors the Sheriff's Diet: Many fanworks portray Stiles as deeply involved in the Sheriff's diet, forbidding him from eating items high in fat and cholesterol. This has a minor basis in canon.

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