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Name: Sharpe
Creator: Bernard Cornwell
Date(s): The first novel was published in 1981.
The series originally ran from 1993 to 1997; the sequels Sharpe's Challenge and Sharpe's Peril were released in 2006 and 2008.
Medium: Books, Television
Country of Origin: UK
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Sharpe is a fandom centered around the television series (and, to a lesser extent, the books) about Richard Sharpe, a soldier during the Napoleonic Wars.

Sharpe (played in the series by Sean Bean) joins the British army as an enlisted man, and serves under Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) in India. Wellesley recognises his worth and promotes Sharpe as an officer, despite his low birth. The stories are mostly set during Sharpe's officer career, and deal with Sharpe's experiences in the Peninsular War.

Sharpe is accompanied by a handful of "chosen men", the foremost of whom is Patrick Harper, an Irish sergeant. Sharpe is married multiple times, first of all to Teresa Moreno, a Spanish guerrilla and fan favourite.

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Sharpe/Harper is the primary slash pairing in this fandom. Other pairings are Sharpe/Wellington and Sharpe/Lawford.

Although not a primarily seafaring fandom, Sharpe is considered part of Age of Sail fandom. Crossovers have been made with other Age of Sail fandoms, especially Hornblower.

The Sharpetorium, a now defunct site, held a number of Sharpe fics that were crossovers with Highlander, and at least one that was a Soldier, Soldier crossover, or at least had characters from that series. Fics from the Sharpetorium may be found on the Sharpe Compendium, a site set up specifically to preserve fics and information found on the Sharpetorium. The Sharpe Compendium is run by members of Sean Bean Online, a Sean Bean/Sharpe fansite.

Some fans who are or have been active in the Sharpe fandom are govi20, Latin_cat and Sharpiefan.

Members of the Sean Bean Online forums clubbed together to produce a cookbook, in conjunction with Bernard Cornwell and the actors and crew of the Sharpe television series.

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