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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Riddlefics
Date(s): 08 December 2002 – present
Moderated: membership: no, messages: yes
Founder(s): Minerva McTabby
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: Tom Riddle fanfiction, recs, and discussion
URL: Riddlefics at Yahoo! Groups
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Riddlefics is a Harry Potter Yahoo! group for the character Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

As of October 2019, there are 507 group members. The group is accessible only to members, but membership does not require moderator approval. Posting to the group is now disabled.

All but a handful of messages starting after 2005 are crossposts from the LiveJournal newsletter community Dark Lord News.

The Links section was previously publicly viewable but now is restricted to list members. McTabby also posted iterations of the Riddlefics links on her LiveJournal (May 2003, Feb/Nov 2004).


On December 8, 2002, Minerva McTabby posted on LiveJournal:

The world of Riddlefics - what a fragmented place it seems, compared to Snapefics. Like all the Riddlewriters are off in their little corners doing their own thing, with not a lot of contact, sometimes even among those who write the same pairings.

No equivalent of the Snapeslash list, or the Snape Slash Fleet. No "Riddlefans" list along the lines of Snapefans and the like, a place where gen and slash and het could mingle. The Riddle lists at YahooGroups are all microscopic or dead or both; except for this one, which is confined to Coulson-squeeing (nothing wrong with a moderate amount of that, but what about the character rather than the actor).

Not much in the way of archives either, as far as I know. Ink hasn't been updated since August, and could be much bigger than it is. There's also tom-riddle.net, but it's more of a shrine, with only a couple of fics. The _marvolo_ community is there, but it's a quiet place. gin_and_tonic and the Tom/Ginny thread at FAP are active, but that's just one ship; while people who write/read gen Riddlefics or less common pairings don't have too many Riddlecentric places for plugging and discussion.

I must be mad to even think about starting another list. However - does anyone else think a general Riddle-Voldemort fics list is a good/viable idea? Gen, slash, het, any rating. Would you join?

Soliciting opinions from the Riddlefic readers out there. And all you Riddlewriters on the friends list [...]

-- mctabby, untitled post, 08 December 2002

McTabby announced the next day that Riddlefics had been created.[1]

Group Description

Tom Marvolo Riddle. Lord Voldemort. Poor but brilliant, model student, handsome Head Boy, orphan, Parselmouth, psychopath, diary-writer, and last remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Isn't he fascinating? Discerning readers of the Harry Potter books say yes, he is.

This list is for Riddlefans to share their fics or fanart, and discuss all that relates to Tom Riddle. Gen, slash, and het stories are welcome. All pairings. All ratings. Give us your Tom/Ginny, Tom/Harry, Tom/Minerva, Tom/Lucius - even Tom/Myrtle or Tom/Binns if that's what floats your boat. Give us your Tom biographies. Bring on the Riddlefics!

Add a link to the Links section. Or set up a folder for yourself in Files, and upload your fic. Or post to the list - including pairing and rating in the subject line, please. Review. Plug. And general discussion of Tom's story and character would be good too.

Play nice: clip your posts, don't flame, don't spam, and don't insult anyone else's preferred ship, no matter how pervy it sounds - they're probably thinking the same about yours.

Since some of the fics and discussion here will be intended for adult reading, don't join unless you're over 18 or whatever the legal age is in your part of the world.

If you're just looking for some Riddlefics to read, you don't have to be a listmember to check out the Links.


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