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Title: Redamancy
Author(s): opalescentgold
Date(s): April 3, 2016 — February 14, 2020
Length: 126.162 words
Genre(s): M/M, Slash
Fandom(s): James Bond, Sherlock
External Links: at Archive of Our Own

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Redamancy is a 00Q soulmate/soulmark reincarnation AU crossover with Sherlock, where Q is a "lost" brother Holmes and the other half of agent 007, James Bond. The work had until June 2024 a total of 140,101 Hits, 7,843 Kudos, 2,748 Bookmarks and 1,309 Comments.


If you write something on your skin, then it will show up on your soulmate's skin as well.

James doesn't quite fall in love over physics discussions and cheeky book quotes scrawled over his heart, coding and riddles inked onto his skin, but he comes close. He does.

And then he actually meets Q.

Rec & Reviews

Every time I go to re-read this, and I come all the way to the end, and that last line still gets me. Every single time. One of the most amazing works I've ever read, hands down.


I love you, really im in tears, cant even see what im typing. I honestly didnt expect to end like this. I really loved your work the characters are so well written it just feels too real.

[...] I can count on fingers of my one hand how many times I cried reading something. I love how bitter-sweet the ending is. Sorry, its just overwhelming and Im calming down as I write this comment but i have to leave something for all your hard work. Like how you wrote James, its not like in some other fics where he magically falls in love or has an unexpected change of heart, it was there from the beggining, all his decisions based on his childhood and longing for his soulmate. Q's relationship with his family is also amazing. I really like BBC's Sherlock but people rarely write fics where it fits so well in Bond universe. [...]

Well, I have to go blow my nose now, so I'll just stop writing, cause I could use every word the english language has and even then I wouldnt express how much that fic moved me and how much I loved how it made me cry. Keep writing, lov u xoxo


First of all I would like to say that I almost never find good stories with Q being a Holmes, whether being Sherlock's brother or being his son. However this changed after I read your Fanfic, which with this final chapter made me cry. I had to breathe twice to hold back the tears and the pain that settled in my heart after reading. Rarely does something touch me so deeply, so I congratulate you. I found your work on Tumblr, because of a fanart...

[...] I just know that I wish we could have that chance too, to find a soul mate and be happy, but real life is not as beautiful as fiction and we suffer a lot for that. Life is not easy as they once said.

But I tell you, she gets sweeter with these hopes we read about in works like yours, so thank you. Thank you for sharing something so beautiful with us.


It was a privlage to be your beta for this story congratulations on completion. And thanks for the excellent Mexican restaurant scene


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