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Name: Push
Creator: Paul McGuigan (director), David Bourla (writer)
Date(s): February 6, 2009
Medium: Live-Action film, Comic prequel
Country of Origin: United States
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Push is a 2009 film starring Chris Evans (also of The Losers and the Captain America and The Fantastic Four films, leading to occasional same-actor crossovers) and Dakota Fanning. In the film people with special abilities (known as "Pushers," "Movers," "Watchers," etc., depending on their specific abilities), are threatened by the Division--an organization that wants to use those special powers to create perfect soldiers.

  • Movers - People who can move objects around with their minds (also known as Telekinesis).
  • Pushers - People who can push thoughts into another person's head and can also control them (Mind Control).
  • Watchers - People who can see into the future (Psychics).

The Fandom

Screencap of a Nick/Cassie moment

The fandom is tiny, and primarily centered around the Nick/Cassie relationship. As there is a ten year age gap between the two, and Cassie is only thirteen during the movie, futurefic and UST are common means of dodging the potential squick factor.

Victoria P. says of the movie: "I just watched Push, which, I'm not sure it's actually a good movie? But I enjoyed it, mostly because I am totally shipping Nick/Cassie. I can't be the only one, right? I mean, okay, she's 13 in the movie but that just means in four or five years they will totally hook up." [1]

profshallowness addresses the appeal of Nick/Cassie in a brief essay, and offers offers some reasons why the canon Nick/Kira romance failed to ignite the imagination of most of the movie's fans: "Nick/Kira is underdeveloped, (Kira spends a lot of time passive because of drugs, amnesia or sickness or being dangerous, and even then she's usually mind controlled. On top of that, Belle puts in a limp performance). Or that their relationship began in a past the viewer never saw, which yes, is exploited for a plot point, but the viewer is invested in Nick/Cassie because we've seen it build up." [2]

While Nick/Cassie dominates the fandom, there are Nick/Kira shippers, as well as some slash fans.

Fanac includes fanfic, icons, fanvids, and Tumblr gifs.

The Merlin AU Pull uses the premise for a fusion with Merlin and Arthur as pushers.



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