Octaves of the Heart Interview with Glossolalia

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Octaves of the Heart Interview with Glossolalia
Interviewer: Octaves of the Heart
Interviewee: Glossolalia
Date(s): early 2000s
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Buffyverse
External Links: online here; archive link
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Octaves of the Heart Interview with Glossolalia is posted at the Buffy website Octaves.

For others in this series, see Octaves of the Heart Interview Series.


I'm drawn to the Jossverse for the utter relationality of its structure. Much as Joss would (occasionally, anyway) like it to be a black and white moral place, it plays out instead as a tenuous, always-shifting terrain dependent on emotional attachments and choices being made. Angel's the embodiment of that relationality for me - he's constantly hung between good and evil, soul and demon, and what I like best is that these contradictions can never be resolved, yet he keeps on un/living. I'm drawn most to those characters who are, or have been, shunted to the periphery: Oz, Xander, Giles, and Wes. It's on the periphery that things get dimmer, looser, more complex, where there's more room to explore the relations and questions that arise. All of my peripheral guys are studies in contrast - there is Oz's attachment to Willow yet his sudden disappearances, not to mention the incongruity of the way his quiet clashed with the primal nature of the wolf; Xander's lack of superpowers in the midst of supernatural central and the core sadness beneath his humor; Giles' messy interior life and past compared to his ridiculously buttoned-up exterior and behavior; and Wes' constant development through persona after persona, as if he's truly empty, yet, given his intelligence and conviction, he *can't* be empty.
Persistent inspiration comes from two sources: the puzzle-aspect of looking at canon and wondering what could fit, what might happen, what didn't happen, and intellectual-emotional issues of relationships, interpretation, textuality and sexuality. Direct but more fleeting inspiration is any that passes, whether trash cans, snatches of lyrics, sensations on the back of my neck, or the flavor of coffee I happen to be imbibing. So it's an odd combination of ongoing questions and transient, corner-of-my-eye glances.