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Synonyms: Film Fandom
See also: Movieverse, Comicverse, Bookverse, Rarelit
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A movie fandom is a fandom focused around a film or series of films. Depending on the popularity of the movie and the fandom activity it inspires, it may be any size from a small Yuletide-only fandom to The Fandom That Ate Fandom.

Examples of major movie fandoms include Star Wars and in recent years the slash fandoms for Inception and The Social Network.

Movie fandoms are often based on already existing fandoms, i.e. movieverse adaptations of book or comics canons. The movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books, the Lord of the Rings movies, the X-Men Movieverse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (including the Iron Man movies, Thor (film), Captain America: The First Avenger and others), and the Twilight movies are just some of the bigger examples.

Not to be confused with "film buffs" or fans of a film genre, such as Horror.