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Name: Alexandra
Alias(es): mlle, mllesays (LJ and DW)
Type: fan writer, meta writer, fanmix creator
Fandoms: bandom, SPN, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Firefly, Marvel Comics, DC Comics
Communities: Ontd_startrek
Other: Current OTW staffer, working on the Development and Membership Committee
URL: mllesays on DW, mlle on AO3
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mlle has written meta and created fanmixes in a variety of fandoms, including SPN, bandom, and Star Trek. She has also written fanfic, and created masterlists and primers for various fandoms. She also created and ran Capes for Ladies, an LJ community dedicated to female superheroes.

Since 2010, mlle has served on the Development and Membership Committee of the OTW, under her legal name (Alexandra).

She contributes to Fanlore as User:Mlle.


An avid watcher of BtVS, mlle stumbled her way from a web search to the Bronze in 1997. From there, it was a quick trip to Buffy/Angel fic and the wider world of fandom. Subsequent fandoms included Velvet Goldmine (posting on under a different pseud) and bandom in its pre-Decaydance days. In 2004, mlle began lurking in BSG fandom. She started assisting in compiling for a BSG newsletter; however, unrelated internet safety issues forced her to shut down her original LJ, which she had created in 2001.

After taking a break from LJ and fandom, mlle returned to fandom in late 2007, after reading several of Lady Jaida's SPN fics. She rejoined LJ as mllesays. In 2009, she moved from LJ to DW. Though RL commitments have slowed her fandom participation, she contributes now by working for the OTW.

Her first completed fic was an original story based on a rather racy dream, posted to Her second completed fic was an experiment in epistolary fic, set during season 4 of SPN, entitled gotyrback.

Selected Works

mlle's masterlist of works.