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Name/s: mlle, mllesays, Alexandra
Fandom/s: bandom, SPN, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Firefly, Marvel Comics, DC Comics
You can find me at: mllesays on DW, mlle on AO3
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My journey through fandom has primarily been one of accidental providence and word of mouth. My first exposure was through my mom, a dedicated Trekkie cosplayer and RPGer who took me to several conventions in my pre-teen years. (I met John de Lancie when I was 8. Best childhood memory ever.)

My second exposure came, in 1997, from accidentally stumbling onto the Bronze while web searching my major obsession, BtVS.[1] From there, I moved on to Buffy/Angel fic, and then on to the Velvet Goldmine fandom and some of the bandom stuff that cropped up around it. (My former obsession with Placebo, let me show you it.)

My first fic was an original story, written in the style of Francesca Lia Block, based on a rather racy bandom-related dream. It's now lost to history, along with my never-completed BtVS epic based around an OFC, and my Willow/Oz futurefic that used Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue" as a structure device.

I missed out on Harry Potter-mania and LotRiPS because of college, but in 2004, I internet stumbled yet again into my next fandom: BSG. I lurked for a while, and then began assisting in compiling a BSG newsletter on LJ. Unfortunately, some unrelated internet safety issues forced me to shut down my LJ, which I had begun in 2001.

While on vacation in London in 2007, reading Sherlock Holmes stories and thinking about my new fave tv show, SPN, another fortuitous stumble led me to Lady Jaida's superb fics. I began a new LJ, under the name mllesays, and dove back into fandom. Several new LJ friends mentioned Panic! at the Disco pretty regularly, and after resisting for a while, I caved and did some research. Bandom became my new fandom of choice.

I've since dabbled in a variety of fandoms, including Veronica Mars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, and many others. I created and ran Capes for Ladies, an LJ community dedicated to female superheroes. I also participated in help_haiti, creating 3 fanmixes and a Muppet goodie box for auction.

Though RL commitments have slowed my fandom participation, I still lurk and read when I can. I am a regular attendee at Dragon*Con, where I've cosplayed Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim, and Star Trek — in my mom's handmade Janice Rand costume.

Since 2010, I've worked for the OTW on the Development and Membership Committee. I am also a dues-paying member.

For information about my works, see my fan page: mlle

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Question: is there a term for a fic that borrows the plot/setting/etc. of another piece of media, without being a crossover?
Answered my own question! It's a fusion.
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  1. You can see me discussing both my childhood as a second-gen Star Trek fan and my time at the Bronze in this YouTube clip from 2009.