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Name: Minerva Fest
Date(s): 2010 – present
Moderator(s): kellychambliss
Founder: vane_nt
Type: fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: minerva_fest @LJ, @IJ
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The Minerva Fest is an annual Harry Potter prompt-based fest for fanfiction & fanart focusing on Minerva McGonagall, founded in 2010 by vane_nt & others. The community's tagline is For Minerva McGonagall Fans. The fest was originally organised via sister livejournal & insanejournal communities, but is now just on livejournal.


The community was founded in March 2010 by vane_nt & others, who ran the 2010 round of the fest. No 2011 round occurred. kellychambliss took over as moderator from the 2012 round.

Rules and Timetable

Prompts are posted in the first half of May or June, and claimed in the second half. Posting starts on 4 October, Minerva's birthday.[1]

The fest allows all types, genres & ratings of Minerva-centric fiction & art, including gen, het & femslash, in all pairings. Posting is anonymous and exclusive until reveals, which occur early in November. Fanfiction must be complete, standalone (not a sequel), and at least 1500 words. British English is preferred.[2] The first round of the fest also included graphics, with a minimum of eight icons or three different wallpapers being required; graphics were not included from 2012.[3]


Four artworks & 22 stories were created by 24 participants: bottleofsmoke19, chantefable, cranky__crocus, curia_regis, kellychambliss, keppiehed, ldymusyc, mindabbles, minervas_eule, miss_morland, pale_moonlite, prayer_at_night, pretty_panther, queen_of_snapes, selmak, shadowycat, strav/rebism, tartansocks, tetleythesecond, thamy, therealsnape, the_winterwitch, vane_nt and zephre.

There was a close to even balance of gen, het & femslash. The most common pairings were Minerva/Snape and femslash with Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank and Amelia Bones.


Five artworks & 19 stories were created by 22 participants: albalark, chantefable, cranky__crocus, deepforestowl, dueltastic, imera, kellychambliss, kit466, lash_larue, lazy_neutrino, lullabymoon, miss_morland, pretty_panther, primeideal, queen_of_snapes, realmer06, selmak, shadowycat, spin_84, squibstress, tea_for_lupin and therealsnape.

Gen predominated over het & femslash, with pairings with Severus Snape and Alastor Moody being the most common.


Four artworks & 18 stories were created by 21 participants: akatnamedeaster, chantefable, delphipsmith, errandofmercy, flaminia_x, lash_larue, lazy_neutrino, liliths_requiem, lyras, magnetic_pole, notearchiver, Peg Minerva, primeideal, realmer06, selmak, shadowycat, sara_lakali, squibstress, swallow_b, therealsnape and writcraft.

Gen predominated over het, followed by femslash, with pairings with Snape and Elphinstone Urquart being the most common.


The fest is ongoing in 2014, with works due in September.

Example Fanworks

Widely recommended works include:


Outside the fest, the community is open for year-round posting of all types of Minerva-centric fanworks, including fiction, art, graphics, vids, recs & meta as well as fic searches. All material must focus on Minerva, and bashing of the character is not permitted.[4]

The community has also run "Minerva McGonagall's Theme Blackboards", personal challenges based on theme tables, as well as maintaining a list of prompts, "Minerva McGonagall's Prompt Library".[5][6]


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