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Fan Club
Name: The Michigan State University Star Trek Club (MSUSTC)
Dates: founded in September 1974
Founder(s): Lori Chapek
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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The Michigan State University Star Trek Club is best-known as the publisher of the first 21 issues of Warped Space.

Who Owned What, and Legal Battles

Issues of Warped Space in 1975 stated that the zine was an "official publication" of "The Michigan State University Star Trek Club." Beginning in late 1975 or early 1976, the wording changed to "loosely associated with the Michigan State University Star Trek Club."

From 1975 to 1980, there was a legal battle over profits and ownership of this zine.

Warped Space was first published by the Michigan State University STAR TREK Club while its creators were students. The zine's creators probably never imagined the zine would have a run as long as it did, and there ended up being a lengthy legal battle over assets, reprints, and publisher's rights after those students graduated.

There was more on this conflict in issue #40 in 1978.

From a 1980 issue of Warped Space:
The interminable legal fight Lori Chapek-Carleton was forced into against the Michigan State University STAR TREK Club (led by members Tina Henry, Marty Siegrist, and Don Calderone) begun in 1975 was ended in Lori's favor on May, 20, 1980 when a Satisfaction of Judgement was signed (although a default judgment against the Club was handed down on March 21, 1979 saying that Lori was owed $922). The Club turned over 567 copies of various WARPED SPACE back issues from 1 & 2 through 21 and the members testified under oath that they had something like .50 in the Club treasury and had sold all Club property except for one stapler over the past two years. In effect, the Club is now defunct, and Lori is trying to recover through sales of the copies of WARPED SPACE that were turned over for the money the Club owed her. The copies of T'Kuhtian Press is selling are for all practical purposes the only unsold copies of these early issues left and are being sold for twice thier original cover price, plus postage. Supply is extremely limited on these collector's items.