Menstrual Sex

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Synonyms: Period Sex, Menstruation Kink, Red Wing
Related: Bloodplay
See Also: Menstrual Menace
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Menstrual Sex is a fairly rare fanfiction trope used to bring two (or more) characters together in a sexual encounter while one of the characters is menstruating. This is sometimes played as a squick type of kink. It can be a type of bloodplay, especially with characters such as vampires who might be turned on by blood. The trope is common in some vampire-centric sources; for example, there are many stories in which Buffyverse Angel and Spike have sex with menstruating female characters.[1] At times it can be used to build intimacy and trust between partners in a Hurt/Comfort type of scenario, where one half of the pairing cares for the half that's in pain, overcoming the sometimes taboo or squicky presence of blood.


As of April 2014, only a few fandoms on Archive of Our Own have more than one story bearing this tag: Hockey RPF, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Les Misérables, and Lost Girl,[2] though this might not be representative of wider or older fandom. The kink is not limited to het pairings: many m/m slash pairings appear, although at least one character is usually genderswapped, and has appeared with femslash pairings.

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Harry Potter:


Stargate SG-1

Stranger Things

The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

The Walking Dead



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