Memories of STAG and Star Trek Fandom by Beth Hallam

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Title: Memories of STAG and Star Trek Fandom by Beth Hallam
Interviewee: Beth Hallam
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek
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In 1991, Beth Hallam wrote about her memories of the the fan club and newsletter, STAG.

It was printed in Star Trek Action Group #100.



I think I have been in STAG since 1973. I did attend the first Convention at the Abbey Motor Hotel in Leicester, but not Jenny and Terry Elson's previous Mini-Con.

As a result of that first venture into fandom I joined STAG and met Janet Quarton. With a group of local fans I used to spend every Tuesday evening in Janet's tiny tied cottage in Chesham. We talked, giggled and drank, but mostly we read Janet's zines. There was one about Spock and forty virgins that made Margaret Draper's ears steam!

Janet exacted her price though; in exchange for these stolen hours of pleasure those of the company with any pretensions to literary talent had to write 'Kirk-bonkers' for her. From those Tuesday evening meetings emerged Log Entries, ScoTpress, Grope, Alnitah and a whole host of one-off zines, some of which are now collectors items.

My time for involvement with STAG came when Jenny and Terry Elson decided to take a rest and Janet asked me to join the new committee.

During those days I met many of the Stars of Star Trek, though never my idol, Mr Spock. My real moment of glory was the night Gene Roddenberry phoned my flat and asked Janet, Sheila and me to a party at Elstree Studios. What a party! I played pool with Majel Barrett, danced on a table at Gene's insistence and got very, very drunk. I still remember the hangover Sheila suffered the next day; she looked ghastly.

Finally I left the STAG committee when I went into hospital to have my thyroid removed. I also left the Alnitah committee; I was convinced I was going to die. Later, completely un-dead, I rejoined Alnitah and was thrilled and honoured when we won the "Best British ST zine' award two years running.

Now I hover about on the fringes of fandom. I have changed my surname due to a wonderful man I met in my favourite pub, who turned out to be a closet fan. I watch The Next Generation faithfully every week. The old magic has gone, but so has my youth. Things look different at 46 compared to 26. I would do it all again given the chance. Star Trek and fandom are great institutions that gave me and many others a great deal of fun and friendship; long may it last!