Memories of STAG and Star Trek Fandom by Margaret Richardson

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Title: Memories of STAG and Star Trek Fandom by Margaret Richardson
Interviewee: Margaret Richardson
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek
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In 1991, Margaret Richardson wrote about her memories of the the fan club and newsletter, STAG.

It was printed in Star Trek Action Group #100.



(On behalf of the STAG committee, March 1384 - February 1990, Catherine Richardson, Lesley Wood and myself).

It was the end of March 1984 when Lesley Wood made a frantic phone call to tell us that Sylvia Billings was looking for someone to take over the running of STAG. Of course, we deliberated over the decision of whether or not we could take on such a responsibility; after all, we were at that time in the middle of running our second Convention, Galileo II, and we were both working full time. Could we do it? We decided that we could and set about finding out what was required . It was nearly two years later, in early 1986, that Lesley had to bid a fond farewell to us and STAG due to work commitments. Catherine and I continued to run STAG together for some time. Then unfortunately, due to illness in the family, Catherine also said farewell to STAG. That of course left me to run things singlehanded for a time. I soon decided that I needed help from others and set about recruiting willing volunteers from the members. I'm pleased to say that I got a lot of assistance from the members at this time, which is just as well as I certainly couldn't have continued without them. Special thanks to everyone who helped out.

During the period that we ran STAG we saw quite a few interesting developments in fandom; some good and some not so good. Without doubt, the most significant occurrence, and one I'm delighted to have witnessed, was the introduction of The Next Generation. Although its introduction caused a great deal of controversy at the outset, I'm pleased to see that it has generated a lot of excitement and renewed interest in the world of Star Trek fandom. I'm delighted to have been in a position to bring the latest news on the new series to fans in Britain at that time.

Of course I, and my co-organisers, have some other good memories from our six year stint, but the start of the new series is by far the most memorable.

As you will all no doubt be aware, I handed STAG over to Lynne's very capable hands in February 1990. It was a sad occasion for me, but after seeing what Lynne has been doing for the last year I can say that it was one of my better decisions. I certainly feel that I couldn't have found a better person for the job.