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Mating can be found in fanworks based on various media, often ones involving an animal-like, supernatural, or alien Alpha male. This trope often appears in Omegaverse works, but mating fics are not confined to that AU.

One of a mated pair may need to fuck or die, but this isn't always the case. The character who needs/wants to mate is often possessive, and can be dangerously invested in the safety of their partner. Sometimes, a mated pair may develop a soulbond. There is often biting involved in both sex and the formation of such a bond.

At one point, BtVS's Angel and Spike were often taking human mates in fanfiction. In this fandom it was often termed "claiming". In DBZ fanfic, Bulma and Vegata sometimes form a mating bond after having sex. In Harry Potter fandom, Veelafic usually involves mating (and often a soulbond), and werewolves (for example, in Teen Wolf fandom) are sometimes said to mate for life.

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