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Name: Bulma
Occupation: Scientist
Relationships: Vegeta (husband), Trunks (son), Bulla (daughter), Son Goku (friend), Yamcha (ex), Dr. Briefs (father), Panchy (mother), Tights (sister)
Fandom: Dragon Ball
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Bulma is a major character in the Dragon Ball franchise.



Bulma is often called "Bulma Briefs" by English-language fans. However, in canon she and her family members have no given surnames.[1]

There's some debate over whether she and Vegeta are formally married. Based on the fact that they live together and have two children, most do consider them husband and wife. Some point out that Vegeta directly calls her his wife in the Majin Buu saga.

Bulma is most popularly shipped with Vegeta, but a few alt-shippers prefer her with Goku instead. Many works also show her in a relationship with her ex Yamcha, but since they break up in canon, Bulma/Yamcha is often used as a starting point for her to get together with Vegeta. As of 2021, nearly 70% of Bulma/Yamcha works on AO3 were also tagged with Bulma/Vegeta.

Some Goku/Vegeta works feature Bulma/Chi-Chi as a side pairing.




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