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This is a partial list of fanzines that have Babylon 5 content.

Zine Title Content Medium Year of Publication
Babylon 5 het and femslash fiction print 1995
Balance of Power slash and het novel print and online 1996 (print), 2008 (online)
Catalyst femslash novel print 1994
A Dark, Distorted Mirror series of novels print and online 1997-2003
The Gates of Enlil male and female slash fiction print 1996
The Hammer and the Stone slash novel print 1997
The House of Flesh slash novel print 1996
Nik & Friends gen fiction print 1997
The Observation Dome newsletter print around 1994, 1995
The Power of Persuasion het novel print 1999
Third Age articles, gen fiction, and news print unpublished (was supposed to be published in 1995)
Universe Today newsletter online 1997-1999
The Zocalo newsletter online 1999-17 August 2016