Catalyst (Babylon 5 zine)

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Title: Catalyst
Publisher: As You Like It Press/Nina St. Clair, at some point it was agented/distributed by Bill Hupe
Author(s): Aleysha Matthews
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Babylon 5
Language: English (New Zealand)
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Cover of Catalyst (1994)

Catalyst is a 114-page Babylon 5 femslash novel by Aleysha Mathews. The pairing is Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters.

A 1995 ad said: "contains some '/' material, but it is not the focus of the zine."

Summary from a distributor, Knightrider:

"Susan Ivanova had resisted all Talia Winters overtures and coaxing attempts at seduction but the anguish that leaked from the woman as she stumbled through the doors to the Hydroponics centre was harder to resist. Susan Iva-nova knew anguish. She also knew that, despite her reservations towards the telepath, she could not let Talia suffer such anguish alone. She decided to offer her help.

It was a decision that would lead Babylon 5's second in command into a mire of murder and mystery. It was a decision that would take her from the steel-girded construction of the space station to the back country remoteness of the Iceini encampment on Earth where clan ruled supreme and telepaths ran wild. And it was a decision that would bring her up against, and force her to work with, her greatest foe - Psi Corps. The same Psi Corps who, through their meddling had destroyed Susan's mother and who, if she would not let them use her, could destroy Susan Ivanova herself."

Summary from a distributor, Bill Hupe:

"Contains some '/' material, but is not the focus of the fanzine. It had been a gesture of kindness -- and assurance that the weary telepath was not alone -- that someone cared who would better understand that fear and loneliness than Ivanova. Life and work went on as usual on Babylon 5, or so the Lieutenant Commander believed, but as unexpected trouble arises, the tie between Susan and Talia cannot be so easily ignored or denied. And so the adventure begins."