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Title: The Zocalo ("ISN News: The Zocalo Today")
Publisher: Sandra Bruckner
Date(s): 1999-17 August 2016
Medium: email, Yahoo Groups
Fandom: Babylon 5
Language: English
External Links: The Zocalo, Archived version
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The Zocalo was an email Babylon 5 newsletter which utilized Yahoo Groups. Its creator was tapped in 1997 to be the co-editor of Universe Today by J. Michael Straczynski Himself.

During the 1990s, The Zocalo had a section called "JMS Speaks" that reprinted various posts JMS made to B5 newsgroups, and a still-active online collection of every post JMS has ever made (since November 1991 - earlier posts appear to be lost) is at JMS News, Archived version.

A fan recounts how they got "an extremely popular B5 newsletter called The Zocalo, which was a treasure trove of weekly information, particularly while the show was still airing." [1]

Yahoo Group

The Zocalo was a Yahoo group that ran from 6 September 1999 to August 2016, and was formed to distribute a newsletter for the Zocalo website. Only a week into the group's establishment it already had 1,100 members. The newsletter focused on general canon and actor news. As of its final posts in 2016 the group had 1,963 members.

"Hurricane Floyd having played with our lives on the East Coast considerably this week. I hope this issue finds you all well and not too badly shaken or stirred! I've moved The Zocalo to a new web site -- . This will give me a bit more freedom to update and keep the issues current -- not to mention ridding it of the bothersome banner from AcmeCity! Thank you ISN News!"

Founder and editor, Sandra Bruckner, passed away in 2017 at the age of 57. She began the Yahoo Group the same year as she folded her website into ISN News.

"ISN News is a fan run web site network, which provides all the latest news and information about two of the best and most popular science fiction TV series - Babylon 5 and Crusade."

The newsletter was sent out anywhere from 1-10 times a month with March 2001 being a high point. As of 2010, Bruckner apologized for having little news to pass on as posts had dropped to about one a month. The final Zocalo-branded post was sent out on January 17, 2011. For almost 3 years there were no posts. In December 2013 Bruckner posted the following:

"Ranger Lyta pointed out that this group is still in existence. Is anyone still out there? Is there a need to post here or is everyone using Facebook or Twitter?"

Apparently there was as the group was used for 3 more years. The posts started again as IGN News. As of June 16, 2014 though, the only thing shared was a link to the IGN site post rather than having the content in the post itself.

"Thought I would try something new - an update via e-mail. Let me know what you think. It just gives you the daily update HTML file to view."


While The Zocalo Today was originally created for a community devoted to the Babylon 5 universe, including the original Babylon 5 series, Crusade and Legend of the Rangers, it now focuses on all facets of science fiction for TV and film. We pay particular attention to comic books created by J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Strange, Rising Stars and more). Our web site for The Zocalo Today is located at

Sample Posts

September 8 1999

Hello there.

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the notion of bringing back The Zocalo. While I have a lot to update (especially in the JMS Speaks section), The Zocalo is ready for you. In only 2 days, nearly 700 people have subscribed -- FANTASTIC.

This is definitely a work in progress. I want and need your reactions to the pages. This should be a cooperative effort -- something all of us can enjoy.

The URL for the Zocalo is

I'll try to update the page as often as I can. E-mail notes will be primarily highlights from the page -- and a nudge to go look at the website.

Pass along the word about The Zocalo. Be sure to tell them how to subscribe (note to There is also a subscription box on the front page of The Zocalo to make it easier for newcomers.

Please let me know what you think. Take care and enjoy. Sandy

March 2, 2000


The B5 Fan Club has two of your favorite scripts available -- "Babylon Squared" and "Chyrsalis". As Sinclair says at the end of "Chrysalis" -- Nothing is the same anymore! After the end of the first season, things did start to crank up quite a bit. Visit to order your copies of "Babylon Squared" and "Chrysalis". They are in the collectible section of The Emporium.


Frank Garcia just finished an interview with Bruce Boxleitner while in Vancouver filming "Outer Limits". Bruce talks about "Genesis" -- a proposed new series by Gene Roddenberry! Right now, the series is still in development. Too bad - I was looking forward to seeing Bruce regularly on the tube again! But as Bruce indicates, it is better to put a little more time into development rather than rushing a product out the door and have it fail!


Scripts From The Lot is a new site on the internet making a select number of scripts available to fans. The URL is JMS, Fiona Avery and Neil Gaiman have works available now. The works of David Gerrold, Harlan Ellison and Larry Brody will be available soon. Fiona Avery's Crusade script featuring Bester "Value Judgements" is available here!


Cinefantastique has had a number of magazines devoted to Babylon 5 in the past. They have been working on a new double issue and it's now in the final stages! Yes, the June 2000 issue (Vol. 31, Number 12) will be an 85-page double-issue with a spotlight on Babylon 5. It will contain:

A long Main Story, 5 essays covering each season, a full 5-season annotated episode guide, sidebar spotlights on J. Michael Straczynski, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Bill Mumy, Andrea Thompson, Patricia Tallman and sidebars devoted to Casting B5, Costuming, Music, Production Design, makeup, Foundation Imaging SFX, and "Final Days."

Here's the interviewee breakdown:

Producers/writers/directors/crew: J. Michael Straczynski, Joe Copeland, Douglas Netter, Larry DiTillio, David Gerrold, Neil Gaiman, Christy Marx, Bruce Seth Green, Richard Compton, Adam Nimoy, Jim Johnston, David Eagle, Janet Greek, John Iacovelli, John Vulich, Ann Bruice-Aling, Ron Thornton, John Teska, Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz, John Flinn, Christopher Franke (21)

Cast: Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Michael O'Hare, Peter Jurasik, Andreas Katsulas, Bill Mumy, Mira Furlan, Andrea Thompson, Patricia Tallman, Walter Koenig, Julie Caitlin Brown, Jeffrey Willerth, Brian Carpenter, Melissa Gilbert (14)

A number of people have asked where to pick up the issue once it's out. Most of the bookstores carry the magazine. The current issue has Voyager on the cover. If you see that in the store near you, you should be able to find the B5 issue once it comes out.


Responses have been wonderful for the favorite episode survey. Here are some of the results! And A Sky Full of Stars - 10 Babylon Squared - 15 Chrysalis - 16 Comes the Inquisitor - 12 Dust to Dust - 16 Endgame - 14 The Fall of Centauri Prime - 13 In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum - 12 Interludes & Examinations - 13 Into the Fire - 11 Messages from Earth - 13 Point of No Return - 13 Severed Dreams - 28 Shadow Dancing - 17 Sleeping in Light - 26 The Coming of Shadows - 15 The Long Twilight Struggle- 11 War Without End - Part 1 and 2 - 54 Z'ha'dum - 24

March 20 is the closing date for voting. If you have not yet sent in your choices, please do so soon. Address your votes to sgbruckner@... or Bruckner@....


What was your favorite special effect of the series? There were a LOT of them, so pick out one or two and tell us why it is your favorite!


FIRST FRONTIER A new science fiction series is in the works -- "First Frontier". LightWorX Productions is trying to gather general information about potential fans such as demographics, merchandising, preferences in science fiction shows, etc. Basically, they want to find out what the fans want so that they can create the best show possible. The survey will only be available for a few more weeks, closing around mid March to review the results.

The site URL is

The survey URL is


March Birthdays

Rick Biggs - March 18 Brad Dourif - March 18 Jesus Trevino - March 26 Ed Wasser - March 26 Michael York - March 27

Babylon 5 History

March 2, 2258 - Dr. Stephen Franklin assumes control of MedLab on Babylon 5 March 3, 2262 - EarthGov formally declares Mars independent March 4, 2260 - Dr. Mary Kirkish is called to Ganymede to excavate a buried Shadow vessel March 11, 2260 - David Corwin is promoted to full Lieutenant March 18, 2260 - Dr. Mary Kirkish arrives on Babylon 5 March 20, 2260 - John Sheridan takes the White Star to Ganymede and witnesses the activation of a Shadow ship March 23, 1994 - Filming is completed on the first season of Babylon 5

    • History dates are taken from the SlowDazzle calendar!

UPCOMING EVENTS Best of Both Worlds 8, March 11-12, 2000, Sydney, Australia, Place: Southern Cross Hotel. Guest: Richard Biggs, Robin Atkin Downes, Stephen Austin. For more information, visit their website at Or send an e-mail to alc@....

Slanted Fedora, March 11-12, 2000, Kansas City, KS, Place: Adams Mark Hotel. Guest: Peter Woodward. For more information, visit their website at Or call 913-327-8735.

Starfury Millennium, March 17-19, 2000, London, UK, Place: Heathrow Park Hotel. Guests: Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik, Richard Biggs, Jason Carter, Wortham (Bob) Krimmer. For more information, visit their website at Or send an e-mail to SeanHarry@....


March 4 7 am ET/PT "The Ragged Edge"

March 11 7 am ET/PT "The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father"

March 18 7 am ET/PT "Meditations on the Abyss"

March 25 7 am ET/PT "Darkness Ascending"

That's it for now. Take care and have a great weekend. Sandy

Sandra Bruckner Editor/Publisher The Zocalo Today


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