Balance of Power

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Title: Balance of Power
Author(s): Jennifer Lyon, A. Manley Haight,and Sue Phillips
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1996 (print), 2008 (online)
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Babylon 5
Language: English
External Links: Balance of Power [Dead link] (accessed November 12, 2019) archive link
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Balance of Power is a slash and het Babylon 5 novel by Jennifer Lyon, A. Manley Haight,and Sue Phillips.

The pairing is Sinclair/Delenn/Sheridan.

From One of the Authors

I co-wrote this story with two other people; Jennifer Lyons and Sue Phillips. This story also had the dubious distinction of being mentioned by name (along with the names of the three authors), as well as actually quoted, in a sidebar article about slash fic in the April/May 1999 issue of Cinescape magazine. I personally hold that publication in low regard. The editor attempted to contact us but we declined to speak with her, mainly to continue the unspoken vow that slash writers take to keep slash fic as discreet as possible, and out of the mainstream media. [1]


  1. "from the story's introduction".