Third Age

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Title: Third Age
Publisher: Jeff DeMerchant
Date(s): NEVER PUBLISHED, but was supposed to be 1995
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Babylon 5
Language: English
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Third Age was a gen Babylon 5 zine that was NEVER PUBLISHED due to a cease and desist letter sent to its hopeful creator, Jeff DeMerchant. It was to contain articles, fiction, and news.

From Trexperts #37:
Several months ago I wrote to J. Michael Straczynski to inform him of my plans to publish a fan publication based on Babylon 5. I finally received a reply a couple of weeks ago from Joanne Higgins (assistant to Straczynski) of Babylonian Productions. Even though my letter emphasized the fact that this fanzine was not for profit, Ms. Higgins has expressly forbidden me to publish Third Age, stating that "all publications using the Babylon 5 name must be licensed through Warner Brothers as they own the rights." Apparently Warner Bros does not share Paramount's view that fan publications increase fan awareness and commercial success of a series (Paramount has no problem with Star Trek fanzines as long as they are non-profit). Warner must also be unaware of the other B5 fan publications that are out there. As a result, I will not be publishing Third Age as planned. I've written back expressing my disappointment in this apparent "ban" on B5 fandom.