Let Me Be Weak, Let Me Sleep

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(Title of trope comes from the Kate Bush song "And Dream of Sheep.")


The fandom-wide and often genre-panning trope that one character dreams constantly of another, being tormented emotionally by such explicit dreams that they suffer the effects of insomnia and have their personal and professional life impacted as a result.



Dreams Descending by Red Fiona (Professional Wrestling, Rene Dupree/Sylvain Grenier)[1]

Yes, he was in a hotel room. No, he was still on Smackdown. And most importantly, no, Sylvain was not within a hundred miles of him.
This had to stop. It was starting to be an embarrassing problem. Thankfully not that embarrassing but still, it couldn't go on.
He had lost count of the number of times that he had woken up from similar dreams, sweaty and aching. And hard as a rock.

Incubus Cycle by woe-in-a-hoodie (Sherlock (BBC) Sherlock/John) [2]

Summary: John starts having very pleasant dreams about Sherlock, and never wants them to stop. Sherlock keeps making John have very pleasant dreams about him, and has no intention of stopping.

The Glee pairing Kurtofsky is absolutely brimming with this trope, as one of the canon arcs hinted at Dave Karofsky's repressed desire for Kurt Hummel, with a storyline that featured stalking and physical violence.



My Kind of Dream (The Sharing Is Caring Remix) by sophinisba (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Faith)[3]

But lately Faith's dreams are so good she'll wake up panting with her hand between her legs, fingers wet and working, and she comes seconds later with Buffy's name and her taste on her tongue. At the next day's meeting Buffy's quiet and distracted. She avoids looking at anybody, but when Faith catches her eye and licks her lips Buffy blushes pink under the dark circles of sleepless nights.


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