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Name: Laura Cadman
Occupation: Security officer assigned to Atlantis
Relationships: dated Carson Beckett
Fandom: SGA
Other: played by actor Jaime Ray Newman
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Laura Cadman is a minor character on SGA who arrived with the Daedalus in season two. Even though she appeared in only two episodes, fans hungry for women characters, and particularly women in the military, have taken to expanding her story on Atlantis, and also on Earth.


Laura, or, Cadman as fans often refer to her, appeared in the second season episodes, Duet and Critical Mass[1] Duet involved a bodysharing plot with Rodney McKay and included scenes where Laura, in McKay's body, kissed both Carson Beckett and Dr. Katie Brown. In Critical Mass, her skills as a bomb disposal expert played an important part in the plot.


Common Pairings

Laura Cadman is often paired with Carson Beckett and Katie Brown as well as Rodney McKay in works based off of the episode, Duet. Cadman also became a fan favourite to pair with Evan Lorne. She can be found in many femslash works paired with Elizabeth Weir, Kate Heightmeyer, Teyla Emmagan or other characters both from SGA and SG1.






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