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Name: Carson Beckett
Occupation: medical doctor
Title/Rank: Doctor, Atlantis: Chief Medical Officer, 2004-2007
Location: Pegasus Galaxy
Status: deceased (original), alive (clone)
Relationships: briefly dated Laura Cadman
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Other: played by Paul McGillion
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Doctor Carson Beckett is a regular character in the first three seasons of Stargate Atlantis. He is the Chief Medical Officer for the Atlantis expedition until his death in the third season episode "Sunday." Although the actor who plays him (Paul McGillion) is Canadian (he emigrated with his family from Scotland when he was 2 years old), Carson Beckett is Scottish.

There was a vocal fan campaign to bring the character back[1], and Beckett returned as a clone of the original Doctor Beckett in the fourth season. He appeared in several episodes in the fourth and fifth season.


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Common Pairings

One of the early slash pairings in SGA fandom was Carson Beckett/Rodney McKay.[2] The fairly friendly relationship between the characters, which existed from the pilot, and the on-screen kiss between them in the episode Duet gave fans more than enough material to work with.

Duet also showed Beckett dating Laura Cadman, and the Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman het ship was also popular with fans. In het fic, Beckett has also been paired with Teyla Emmagan.[3]

The slash threesome of McKay/Beckett/Sheppard is popular with several SGA writers.[4][5]

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