Evan Lorne

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Name: Evan Lorne
Occupation: United States Air Force
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Major Evan Lorne is the military second-in-command on Atlantis, working directly under LTC John Sheppard. Lorne is commander of his own gate team, and has always been presented as capable, dry-witted and excellent at his job. He is a carrier of the ATA gene and a puddlejumper pilot.

Lorne was first introduced to fans in Stargate: SG-1 in season seven's Enemy Mine where he was part of SG-11 and searching for naquadah deposits on P3X-403 with a team of engineers.[1] He came to Atlantis in season two, with the re-opening of communication and travel between the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way, and has been a regular supporting character since that time.

Evan Lorne is played by actor Kavan Smith.

First Name

When Lorne was first introduced to the series, he came with no first name attached. The het community eventually settled on Marcus as his first name, while the slash community settled on Nick, per Perimeter by Casspeach. He didn't have an official first name until the costume department needed to put it on the flightsuit he wore in First Strike. [2]


At least in his slash relationships, Lorne seems to have a thing for ropes. Possibly due to Casspeach and Zoe Rayne's Chain of Command series, which was a very early Lorne/McKay, Lorne/Sheppard, Ronon/Sheppard, Lorne/Sheppard/McKay story, Lorne seems to have picked up a fanonical thing for rope bondage.

Fanon often portrays Lorne as a necessary balance to LTC Sheppard; one particular quirk of many stories which feature or even mention MAJ Lorne is that he is often cited as doing LTC Sheppard's paperwork. (This seems to be a correlation to the common fanon which posits -- with some canonical evidence -- that Sheppard dislikes paperwork and bureaucracy.)[3]

Because Lorne first appeared in Enemy Mine as part of an SGC mining unit, fans often assign him an interest in geology, occasionally even giving him degrees in the discipline.

A fan in 2011 wrote:
Major Evan Lorne is Atlantis' Executive Officer (Sheppard's second-in-command). Although Evan his canon first name, he wasn't given it until quite late in SGA's run, so earlier fic writers often refer to him as Marcus or Nick. In some fics, Lorne has the ATA gene, in some he doesn't. In some (early ones, particularly), he's a Marine, in some he's Air Force. In some he's the same guy who dealt with the Unas in Stargate SG1 and is therefore a geological engineer, and in some he isn't. The one thing that remains constant is that he's easy-going and relaxed and, oh yeah, he can paint and stuff. Rock on. [4]

Gen Fiction

Miss Porcupine has written an extensive universe of stories centered on the military of Atlantis, focusing on Lorne and a team of OCs. For the Military SF fan, the stories are an excellent example of the genre: rigorous in their portrayal of the frequently overlooked military of Atlantis, including procedures, nomenclature, and technology used. The Jenny Code starts off her main series, and her apocafic Qui Habitat uses the same cast of original characters, along with Cameron Mitchell and Jonas Quinn from Stargate SG-1. If a story references 'Little Tripoli' as where the Marines are barracked within Atlantis, the reference comes from Miss Porcupine's universe.

Another gen story, A Team Is Borne by d, offers a crackier take on how Lorne fit into the city and how his team was formed.

Slash Pairings

As mentioned above, Lorne has been slashed with McKay and Sheppard, both separately and together; he has also been written as involved with many other characters, notably Radek Zelenka, based on a number of small interactions in canon. [5]

However, one of the most prominent Lorne slash pairings is somewhat unusual: Lorne is often written as romantically involved with scientist Parrish, whose canonical appearance with Major Lorne was limited to a short segment in the second season episode Runner. Fans latched onto Dr. Parrish's geeky enthusiasm and Major Lorne's dry, somewhat indulgent responses, and Porne was created.[6]


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