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Title: LNSTFCCF Bulletin
Publisher: Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Fan Club of Concerned Fans
Editor(s): Michael Sobota
Date(s): 1970-?
Medium: pring
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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LNSTFCCF Bulletin was a Star Trek: TOS newsletter published by a very early fan club.

The first two issues were called LNSTFCCF Member Bulletin.

There were two yearbooks published. One contained the The Strekzine List which was called "yearbook #2." "The Strekzine List" was pages 41-52 of this yearbook. [1]

1970 (first issue)

LNSTFCCF Member Bulletin 1 was published in 1971 and contains 32 pages.

cover of issue #1

1970 (second issue)

cover of the second issue
first page of the second issue

LNSTFCCF Member Bulletin 2 was published in October/November 1970 and contains 42 pages. The contents were by Jackie Franke and Michael Sobota. It is a collection of poems, photos and news.

January/February 1971 Issue

LNSTFCCF Bulletin January/February 1971 has a cover by Tim Courtney.

  • contains an article "Commander Spock"

April/May 1971 Issue

LNSTFCCF Bulletin April/May 1971

  • The Romulans (article)
  • Star Trek Episode Listings (article)
  • Leonard Nimoy (article)
  • Starship Command (article)
  • The Vulcans'
  • Star Trek, 1966-1969? (article)
  • The USS Enterprise (article)
  • The Klingons (article)

June/July 1971 Issue

LNSTFCCF Bulletin June/July has a front cover by J. Franke and a back cover by V. Vautier. The interior illos are by B. Marczak, C. Mason, and M. Sobota.

  • What's in the News?
  • The Making of Backyard Trek by R. Van Treuren (article)
  • "Faunch" (review) by J. Franke
  • Mission: Incredible by L. Breville
  • Aid to Merteria by D. Khulua
  • Star Trek Reflections by L. Fishman (article)

August/September 1971 Issue

LNSTFCCF Bulletin Aug/Sep has a front cover by C. Mason and interior illos by J. Franke.

  • A Private Little Paradise by D. Gurnett
  • other unknown content

Oct/November 1971 Issue

LNSTFCCF Bulletin Oct/Nov has a front and back cover by C. Mason and interior illos by V. Vautier.

  • What's in the News?
  • The Making of Backyard Trek, article by R. Van Treuren
  • "Faunch" (review) J. Franke
  • Mission: Incredible L. Breville
  • Aid to Merteria D. Khulua
  • Star Trek Reflections, article by L. Fishman

December 1971 Yearbook

LNSTFCCF Bulletin December 1971 Yearbook has a front and back cover by Claire Mason and interior illos by Claire Mason, Valere Vautier, Jackie Franke, and Michael Sobota.

front cover of the second yearbook, Claire Mason
back cover of the second yearbook, Claire Mason, see Spock Smiles

This is the fan club's second yearbook.

  • Spock & Zarabeth, illo by by Claire Mason (2)
  • Time is a One-Way Stream, fiction by Dee L. Gurnett (3-20, interspersed with small illos)
  • Inside the Shuttle, illo by by Jackie Franke (3)
  • he did not feel, illo by by Claire Mason (6)
  • Vulcan sense, illo by by Claire Mason (12)
  • Enterprise, courtesy of Channel 61 (R.G. Van Treuren) (17)
  • injured Vulcan, illo by by Claire Mason (18)
  • I merely did..., illo by by Claire Mason (20)
  • The Day Leonard Met Me by Elaine Hummel (article about a fan going to see Nimoy at Visit to a Small Planet at the Pheasant Run Playhouse) (21)
  • The "James T. Kirk" Character by J. Lichtenberg (article) (22)
  • James T. Kirk by Claire Mason (22)
  • Star Trek Credits by L'Shaya Salkind (article) (23)
  • UNICEF Publications, compliled by UNICEF Chairman (26)
  • The Paradox Antigen, fiction by J. Lichtenberg (also in Pastaklan Vesla #1)
  • one raised eyebrow by Jackie Franke (30)
  • Chains, poem by Nancy Giudice (29)
  • We, poem by Elaine Hummel (29)
  • Star Trek on Local Television, its advertisements, clippings sent in by various fans (31)
  • Star Trek Third Season Stars, compiled by Michael Sobota (35)
  • Collection of Lost Memories, compiled by Elaine Wagner (quotes that remind this fan of Star Trek) (36)
  • Antimatter, Chief Engineering Officer Scott by Claire Mason (reprint from a encyclopedia) (38)
  • Strekzines-at-Large by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (39)
  • Spectre of Spock by Claire Mason (39)
  • Leonard Nimoy on the David Frost Show (transcript by L'Shaya Salkind) (51)
  • Legend, fiction by Michael Sobota (56)
  • Baby Spock, illo by Claire Mason (57)
  • Portrait, illo by Claire Mason (59)
  • Spock, poem by Nancy Giudice (60)
  • Cosmos, poem by Rebecca Hart (60
  • I, poem by Elaine Hummel (60)
  • The Wedding, fiction by Delores Khula (61)
  • The Song of Man, poem by Jack Bannow (64)
  • Chekov, poem by Dawn Snyder (65)
  • Chekov, illo by Claire Mason (65)
  • After So Long, poem by Nancy Guidice (65)
  • Memory Alpha, Enterprise orbiting Memory Alpha, by Valere Vautier and Jackie Franke (66)
  • The Find, fiction by Delores L. Gurnett (67)
  • Star Wonder, song by Mary Long (72)
  • M-4 Legacy, poem by Liz Fishman (73)
  • From the President (74)
  • back cover is "Chuckling Spock" by Claire Mason (75)


  1. This is puzzling as it was published November 6, 1970, hardly the date of a second yearbook. Perhaps "The Strekzine List" was a second supplement?.