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Title: Faunch
Publisher: Susan Wolfe and Cecily Horton (first issue) and Susan Wolfe (second issue)
Date(s): 1970-1971
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Faunch is a Star Trek: TOS explicit het zine. According to its editor via The Strekzine List, its content is "satire/sex, the sort of stuff most zines use for filler." It is a ditto zine.

The fans who created "Fauch" did so after reading Fascinating......but filthy!, a 1968 zine, something that is mentioned on the You Are Receiving This Zine Because page. "Fauch's" creators also wrote: "We were inspired so from reading a borrowed copy that we rushed out at wrote Faunch." [1]

Issue 1

Faunch 1 was published in June 1970 and contains 10 pages. There were 51 copies printed, and its original cost was thirty cents.

front cover of issue #1
back cover of issue #1
From issue #1:


The Zine For Staunch Trekkies

Published just this once (we promise*) by the Pinkadiddle Press for people who like seks in their star treks. Price 30 cents: or two pictures of naked (semi?) Vulcans.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Actually just a bunch of junk thrown together and those who weren't ashamed put their names on their work, so why bother?

Front and bacover by P.D. Dido. Unsigned material by Samuel Wolfe, Susan Wolfe, and Cecily Horton.
  • Spock Story ("All good ST zines start with a Spock story. Just to be different, we're starting with a little bit of hard, cold reality.")
  • The Clap Minders
  • Lyric Section, limerick
  • The Odyssey of the Cake
  • A Science Fiction Story

Issue 2

Faunch 2 was published in 1971 and contains 14 pages. It has the subtitle: "Androxenophile" and was sometimes referred to as "Pentathlon, Androxenphile."


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