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Name: Kirk/Spock Online Festival (KSOF)
Date(s): 2000-2005
Moderator(s): kira-nerys, Jenna Sinclair & Dusky
Founder: kira-nerys, Jenna Sinclair & Dusky
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Associated Community: KirkSpockFest, ASCEM
URL: KSOF 2000 Collection on AO3, (archive link)
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The Kirk/Spock Online Festivals were a series of challenge festivals founded by kira-nerys and the editors of Beyond Dreams Press, Jenna Sinclair and Dusky. The first festival was announced to various mailing lists and groups in August of 2000 as "following in the footsteps of the Spock Fuh-Q Fest and the Kirk Fuh-Q Fest".[1] It was such a success that four more K/S festivals followed, with the final stories published online in 2005.

The first Kirk/Spock Online Festival (KSOF 2000) was a joint online/printzine challenge, where all stories submitted would be posted online at Lady Kardasi's Domain and then selected stories would be included and distributed in print form as the Festival zine. Management of the festivals was co-ordinated through a restricted membership egroup (KirkSpockFest) for the writers and organisers only.


From kira-nerys in August 2000:

Sorry for crossposting like this, but we're just now launching a new Online Challenge Festival. It's called the Kirk/Spock Online Festival and follows in the footsteps of the Spock Fuh-Q Fest and the Kirk Fuh-Q Fest.

It's going to consist of K/S stories solely. No other pairing allowed. And thus the challenge will be somewhat different from the SFF, KFF and the EFF. Instead of pairing Kirk or Spock up with lots of other characters, there are a bunch of scenarios written down that the authors will write. It's again the luck of the draw that decides what scenario you will end up with. There is some lee-way of course. If the scenario that you first pick doesn't catch your fancy, you do get a second or maybe even a third chance. There is also the chance to trade with one of the other listmembers.

However, we do want to try and keep some of the randomness and the challenge factor intact, so please don't disregard your scenarios without giving them proper consideration.

Everyone who joins this Festival *has to* participate. *No-one* can join this list without agreeing to write a story. And everyone who do join must agree to the rules of the festival. So before joining read this through thoroughly.[1]


From the KSOF 2000 announcement post:


NOTE! By joining the Kirk & Spock Online Festival list you acknowledge that you have read all the rules and are aware of their contents and subsequently that you give permission to archive and print your stories!

  • If you're a lurker, this list is not for you. Everyone who joins is required to participate, by writing, that means writing a challenge fic.
  • Deadline for the stories is September 30
  • All stories are required to be R or NC-17 rated. Only pairing allowed is Kirk/Spock.
  • No stories are to be posted anywhere except the KSOF list until the deadline is up, when we will post the stories at large to the 'net simultaneously.
  • You will be assigned a scenario to write. You may not choose. This is the challenge.
  • You may swap scenarios with a friend or ask for a second chance if the scenario that you draw does not give you the slightest bit of inspiration. This is supposed to be fun - not a hardship.
  • All stories will be archived at the KSOF site at when the Festival is over. By joining you give permission for this to be done.
  • Stories submitted to the KSOF will eventually end up in a printzine version of the Festival. By joining, you give your permission for the story to be incorporated in such a zine, edited and published by Jenna Sinclair and Dusky. Copyright of course, still belongs to you, as the author of the story. You may post it elsewhere when the KSOF is over.
  • Some stories, even if posted to the KSOF may not appear in such a printed fanzine. The editor retains the final decision of what stories to include or exclude.
  • When the stories are finished, you may post them to the KSOF mailinglist, and then you send a Word 97, txt or HTML version of the story to [...]
  • The stories must be beta-read and edited, i.e - arrive to the co-ordinators for the site and the zine (kira-nerys and Jenna Sinclair) with correct spelling and no grammatical errors.[1]

An additional rule was added to the KSOF 2000 rules list at Lady Kardasi's Domain:

  • PWP's are allowed. Preferably the stories should be a few pages long though, which rules out poetry, vignettes and drabbles as a challenge fic. You may submit such things after you have finished the 'challenge-story' you've been assigned.[2]


See, you have a brilliant and great achievement in the KSOF project; what could be more fun! Everything I read was great! It was so sexy! Your energy kept it going! Not to mention your intelligence! I loved the scenarios and the postings and the whole thing, and as you know I loved it so much I'm on the second wave! KSOF was a great thing, sparking interest all across the board for treksmut![3]
Thankyou, thank you. The SFF/KFF/EFF are terrific, but I've been *praying* for this. The suggested scenarios are a hoot - good luck to all who join, I look forward Very Eagerly for all of these stories. Oh, I can't wait!![4]
Wow, this is beautiful! I love the layout and I can't wait to read the rest of the stories. I just read BatsRGre8's "The Bonding Contingent" and I'm really impressed. If the rest of the stories are half as good, I [won't] leave this place for a week![5]
I just read "But Never Parted." It's completely engrossing. I couldn't stop reading! More![5]
Wonderful idea. Beautiful site. Looking forward to the printed edition![5]

KSOF 2000

Authors participating in the first KSOF were randomly allocated a "scenario" (story challenge), although according to the rules they could swap with other authors or ask for a second chance if they felt "no inspiration". Available and allocated scenarios, associated authors, and story status were all listed on the "Scenarios" page at Lady Kardasi's Domain.

Wave 1

Wave 2

KSOF 2002

Wave 1

Wave 2

KSOF 2003

Wave 1

Wave 2

KSOF 2004

KSOF 2004/2005


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