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Name: Killua Zoldyck, キルア=ゾルディックKirua Zorudikku
Occupation: Rookie Hunter (Hunter Association), Assassin (formerly)
Title/Rank: Transmutation Type Nen User
Status: Alive
Relationships: Silva Zoldyck (Father), Kikyo Zoldyck (Mother), Illumi Zoldyck (Older brother), Milluki Zoldyck (Older brother), Alluka Zoldyck (Younger sister), Kalluto Zoldyck (Younger brother), Zeno Zoldyck (Grandfather)
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
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Killua Zoldyck is a main character of the shounen manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi, and is Gon Freecss's loyal best friend.


Killua Zoldyck is an ex-assassin from the Zoldyck Family, an infamous family of deadly killers,. Though he is young, Killua was trained to be an assassin since birth, enduring gruesome, torture-filled trials to strengthen him into an extremely capable killer. Though he is normally cheeky and mischievous, Killua can become bloodthirsty and ruthless when provoked. Killua is skilled in analysis and is very calm and quick-witted; qualities that make him an ideal assassin. He ran away from his family out of boredom to take the Hunter exam, and his decision not to join the family business cause conflict with his family.

He meets Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio Paladiknight during the Hunter Examination. He becomes best friends with Gon, joining him on his own adventure to find his father, and in befriending Gon he starts to find his own self and begins to use his powers to protect his friends.

Killua is a transmutation-type Nen user, and is always improving his arsenal of skills to help him in battle. He has been known to use his claws (retractable), deadly spinning yo-yos, and develops a technique using a nen-created aura of electricity.



  • Killugon or Gon Freecss/Killua - The ship has been the most popular in the HxH fandom since the manga started publishing. In canon, Killua frequently expresses his devotion to Gon.

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Killua from "Words that Water Flowers" by yuki-carnation

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