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Name: Kurapika
Occupation: Blacklist Hunter (Hunter Association)
Title/Rank: Conjurer-Type Nen User, Specialist
Status: Alive
Relationships: Kurta Clan
Fandom: Hunter x Hunter
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Kurapikais a main character of the shounen manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi. He is the last member of the Kurta Tribe


Kurapika is the last known surviving member of the Kurta Tribe, who were massacred by the Phantom Troupe (the Spiders) for their rare and valuable scarlet eyes. Kurapika sets out to become a Hunter in order to enact his vengeance on the Spiders, as well as to recover his tribe member's lost eyes.

He meets Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, and Leorio Paladiknight during the Hunter Examination. After becoming a professional Hunter, Kurapika starts upon a self-destructive path. Despite his all-consuming hatred leading him to intentionally disappear for a period, Kurapika is just, and very loyal to his friends. Aside from his mission to take down the Spiders, all of the actions he makes are extremely logical and calculated.

Kurapika is a conjurer-type nen user. He becomes a specialist when his eyes turn scarlet. His specialist abilities incorporate elements of all six Nen abilities. He conjures five chains, each with a different power to fight his enemies - some are made specifically for facing the Spiders, and can also put his life on the line. By using strict Limitations that puts his own life at stake, his abilities receive a great boost.



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