Keeper's Tower

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Fan Club
Name: Keeper's Tower
Founder(s): Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Country based in: New York City
Focus: Darkover
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Keeper's Tower was a Darkover council.

It was headed by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and founded in 1976.

This council was one of the four original Darkover Councils. The other three were Armida Council, Thendara Council, and Thendara Council.

It was a meeting in Lichtenberg's living room, possibly a council meeting of "Keeper's Tower," where Marion Zimmer Bradley met Elisabeth Waters, setting off a very long-time relationship.

In January 1977, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, always eager for some cross-marketing, wrote:
[This council is] "Local" in the strange sense of including those who seem to pass through my house regularly, ranging from Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Members to date, Anne Golar, Joan Winston, Beverly Graifman, Elisabeth Waters, Frances Zawacky, Linda Deneroff, Cynthia Levine. That list of names may sound familiar to some of you. They are primarily involved in my Kraith series and in Ambrov Zeor. In fact, on December 19th, we had our first joint meeting with the New Jersey based Valeron Council, at the Ambrov Zeor collating party. [1]


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