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Name: Kara In-Ze
Kara Kent
Occupation: superheroine
Title/Rank: Supergirl
Location: 31th Century
Status: alive
Relationships: Zor In-Ze and Kala In-Ze (parents), Kalya In-Ze, Kori In-Ze, Kari In-Ze (sisters), Del Im-Re (uncle), Dar Im-Re (cousin), Galatea (clone), Clark Kent/Superman (foster cousin), Jonathan & Martha Kent (foster uncle and aunt)
Fandom: DCAU
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Kara Kent, born Kara In-Ze, is a DC Animated Universe character that is known as Supergirl. Kara In-Ze is the last daughter of Argo, sister planet to Krypton, and is not an actual cousin to this universe's Clark Kent.


Kara first appeared on Superman: The Animated Series episode "Little Girl Lost, Part I" (May, 1998). While exploring the sector of space once occupied by Krypton, Superman discovered the hidden cryogenic facility, which had sustained heavy damage. Only the chamber containing Kara was intact. Taking her back to Earth, Superman introduced Kara to his adoptive parents who in turn "adopted" her as Jonathan's niece and she took the name "Kara Kent". Inspired by her "cousin" Clark, Kara made a costume similar to his and occasionally joined on missions as Supergirl. She appeared on The New Batman Adventures, in a team up episode with Batgirl.

In the Justice League Unlimited series, Kara was part of second wave of superheroes that joined the Justice League. She was partnered with Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Steel, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E. and Captain Atom. She later joins the Legion of Super-Heroes and stays in the future with Brainiac 5 and the other Legionnaires.


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Various other pairings have appeared on AO3 and FFN: Kara/Dinah, Kara/Terry, Kara/Courtney, Kara/J'onn, and Kara/Beatriz.


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