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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Judy's Home Page
Author: Judy
Dates: 02 November 1998[1] or before - 2005 or later. Last update 19 September 2001.
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek TOS, Quantum Leap
URL: http://members.door.net/jlf/ (2002)
http://www.door.net/jlf/ (2001)
http://www.door.net/jlf/other.htm (2000)
http://www.slashcity.com/zorro/favarchive/judy/judy.htm (2001-2002)
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Judy's Home Page was a personal Star Trek Voyager fanfiction site. It also featured a Voyager/Quantum Leap crossover and a single TOS story. Voyager Slash was on a separate page called Judy's Other Page. The pairings were Chakotay/Paris and Paris/Kim. In later versions of the site the slash page wasn't linked from the main page.

Description from an earlier version of the Tom Paris Dorm:

A writer of many great PT, PK and CP stories[2]

Voyager Stories

Judy's Home Page.png

Endless: Book I. Planetfall. Complete. P, crew [PG-13]

Summary, Notes and Warning: What if there were survivors when Voyager crashed on the Class L planet in Timeless? And what if B'Elanna was on the Delta Flyer with Harry instead of Chakotay? How do the survivors, including a badly injured Tom Paris, cope with life post-crash?

Unless a part is labeled Alpha Quadrant, then all events take place in the Delta Quadrant. The story here is our version of what could have happened. It deviates from the original in a number of ways, one of which is that there were survivors, another is that the damage to the ship is different from that described in the episode.

Judy wrote the parts on Voyager and the planet; Etal wrote the parts on the Delta Flyer and the Alpha Quadrant. We discussed, read, edited, added, deleted, and commented on each other's work. This is Book I with Books II and III following when written, probably at six month intervals or so. However, despite a few 'loose ends' Book I can stand on its own. Many thanks to Britta for her speedy and helpful, very helpful, feedback.

Angst, Tom angst. Deaths of some familiar crew members. A few bad words here and there. May need a few hankies here and there, too. Minor crew members are in romantic relationships, some het, some same-sex. There are no depictions of sexual behavior.

Endless: Book IIA. New Deal. P, crew [PG-13]

A. Parts 1-6 114 KB Trials and tribulations involved in settling the planet New Deal.

Endless: Book IIB. Hitting Home P, crew [PG-13]

B. Parts 1-12 (All) 280 KB More about the events in the Delta Quadrant and in the Alpha Quadrant

C. To be continued....

Stand Alone Stories

  • If X-Files Wrote Startrek P,T,K,7 [PG] 6 KB - A challenge story.
  • Posts in the Void P/T [PG] 14 KB - In this vignette, Tom reflects on what looks to him to be the faltering end of his relationship with B'Elanna. Harry tries to comfort his friend. Spoilers for the beginning of the 5th season and the 4th season. Major Tom angst.
  • The Voyager Bonanza P, P/T(sort of) [PG-13] 39 KB - Tom finds himself in the Old West as Little Joe Cartwright, living on the Ponderosa with his Pa and two older brothers, Adam and Hoss. It seems Little Joe has one girl friend too many, the lovely rancher's daughter, Belle, and the saloon girl, Sylvie.
  • The Driving Lesson P/T [PG-13] 24 KB - Tom teaches B'Elanna how to drive his 1969 Camaro. It's not an automatic shift car. A little bad language.
  • Earthquake [PG-13] 37KB - PT Collective Archivist Challenge: What is the explanation for Tom Paris' claustrophobia? An earthquake in San Francisco in Tom's childhood may be an answer. Some Tom angst and a life threatening situation, but no ensign was actually killed in the writing of this story. By the way, this is not a story on which to base your study of physics.
  • "A Ten" [PG-13] 18 KB. Humor. What if the many fanfic writers' versions of Tom Paris visited the set of Voyager and spoke to a director in front of a mortified Robbie McNeill?

Shuttle Down

"Shuttle Down" A Star Trek: Voyager Novel. PG-13 for first parts, becomes R in later parts for language and situations dealing with post-traumatic stress. Spoilers for 'Future's End' and any other episode ever shown. There's action, psychological drama, and romance! Co-written by Judy and Jacki. The version posted below on June 7, 1998 contains some editing of previously posted chapters, not much, just some. The sections are not stand alone, but are intended to be read in order from I to VI.

Shuttle Down I: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 132 KB

  "Chapter  1:  The Crash"  Tom Paris is at the controls and Harry Kim is assisting when an experimental shuttle crashes on Earth in 1998.  Help comes in the form of Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci fromQuantum Leap. 
  "Chapter 2:  Military Rescue"    Harry and Tom are rescued by the military.  Tom believes he's killed Harry. 
  "Chapter 3:  Plan A"    Using the skeletal lock technique, the crew try to get Tom and Harry back to Voyager. 

Shuttle Down II: Chapters 4, 5, and 6 160 KB

  "Chapter 4:  Plan B"   The crew gets closer to a rescue and the holodoc has a chance to work on some of Tom's injuries.  
  "Chapter 5:  Tom's Nightmares"   [R rating for intensity of situations and language]  The captivity of the crew members becomes more serious as Tom's nightmares endanger his health.  Several hankies!
  "Chapter 6:  The Colonel, The Captain, and The Admiral"  [PG-13 again]  The showdown between the captain and the colonel takes interesting turns as Janeway works to get her crew back. 

Shuttle Down III: Chapters 7, 8 and 9 155 KB

  "Chapter 7:  Shopping"     [PG-13]   The fun of a shopping trip in the Colonel's warehouse and the return of Harry and Tom to Voyager are marred by the disappearance of Sam and Tuvok and by Tom's continuing difficulties in recovering from his injuries.  
  "Chapter 8:   TheWormhole" [PG-13]   Sam and Tuvok find themselves in the wormhole with Haylene as their host.  Tom begins to push away those who try to help him and breaks up with B'Elanna. Janeway and Chakotay ask each other about  beginning a relationship.   More hankies!
  "Chapter 9:   Tom's Troubles"    [R]  Tom has difficulty readjusting to life back on Voyager.   Sam and Tuvok initiate a helping relationship with him.  R for language and intense situations. 

Shuttle Down IV: Chapters 10 and 11 107 KB

  "Chapter 10:  If Teardrops Were Diamonds"   [R]  Warning:  the R rating is for real as Tom's experiences as a victim of child abuse and prison rape are described in this chapter and the next one.   There is no explicit depiction of rape but the portrayals are intense and could be disturbing.  R also for language.  In addition to Tom's counseling, find out how the others are dealing with the stasis situation. Hankies alert!
  "Chapter 11:  Resistance and Revelations"   [R]  Still rated R for intensity and language.  More is revealed about the treatment Tom received at the hands of his father.  Lots of  hankies!!!

Shuttle Down V: Chapters 12 and 13 148 KB

  "Chapter 12:   Recovery"  [R]   Still an R for intensity and language.  More Tom angst as he begins to confront the past and move beyond it. This is probably the darkest chapter yet.    If Chapter 11 was 4 hankies out of 4 then Chapter 12 is probably 3 or 3 and half hankies! 
  "Chapter 13:   Challenges"  [PG-13]    Tom finishes his work with Tuvok and Sam and resumes life on Voyager, making amends to those he had hurt.  One hanky at most. 

Shuttle Down VI: Chapter 14, Epilogue, Authors' Notes 112 KB

 "Chapter 14:   Restorations"  [PG-13]   The concluding chapter to Shuttle Down with Epilogue and Authors' Notes.

Star Trek: The Original Series

  • "As High As The Heavens Are Above the Earth" [PG-13] Kirk, Spock, and McCoy encounter a time shifting anomaly on a remote planet that has created alternate time lines. While a Klingon ship cruises above the planet, Kirk and McCoy are set into one of the alternate time lines. Takes place during the first five-year mission. 100+ KB


My Review of Pathways by Jeri Taylor [G] 13 KB

In a question and answer format I provide some information about her new book about Voyager. There is also some commentary. Warning: Major spoilers for the book. Don't read it now if you want to approach the book without such spoilers.

Judy's Other Page

There was also Judy's OTHER Other Page at SlashCity. It was awarded the Gold Bouquet Award by Mordhena's Web: "The Bouquet in this instance goes to the whole page. Everything on Judy's OTHER other Page is outstanding! A must read and the first "site" awarded the plaque."[3]

Judy's Other Page
Judy's OTHER Other Page

C/P Section

  • A Victorian Life [R] In Two Parts - Tom and Chakotay enact a Victorian drama on the holodeck. Bad words, some violence, Tom torture, angst. Romance between two men. (Part I 121 KB C/P, Part II 146KB C/P). An alternate title at Judy's OTHER Other page was Victorian (De)Vice.
  • Have You No Decency? Complete [R] 263 KB C/P - An AU to the 30 Days episode that began as a stand-alone one hour challenge and took on a life of its own. AU 30 Days in which Tom receives corporal punishment from Janeway until someone stops it. If violence squicks you out or if you really like Janeway you may not like this story or her character in it. the R is a strong R for violence, adult language. There's no sex for many parts.
  • Not Like A Virgin [PG-13] 76 KB C/P - Tom experiences a virgin birth on a pretechnological planet. The other parent is a spirit.
  • CPSG Round Robin 2, Part 20: Investigations Follow-up [R version] 20 KB C/P - This part of an ongoing round robin involves the holodoc conducting couple's therapy and individual therapy with Tom and Chakotay. Ongoing events prematurely end the therapy, at least for part 20, at a critical point. Rated R for therapy involving a gang rape. This may be tough going for some. Please take this warning seriously. There are adult situations and language. The story portrays a relationship between two men, if this is not for you, please read elsewhere. There's lots of spoilers for season two. Also, final warning, it ends with a cliff hanger! Sorry, the full story won't be available until the round robin is completed. I'll let you know when.
  • Restoring the Image [R version] 136 KB C/P - Tom and Chakotay return from an Alternate Universe where Tom has been kept for five months as the personal slave of a sadistic Captain Chakotay. R for male-male relationship, language and intense, disturbing situations, violence. Lots of angst. If you are uncomfortable with any of this, please read elsewhere.
  • Vis a Vis Alternative Ending Trilogy - Paris and Chakotay (Eventually) Warning : Not for P/T fans!
  Vis a Vis Alternative Ending  [R version].  27 KB. The Voyager episode "Vis a Vis" left serveral loose ends.  What happened if Janeway actually woke up looking like Tom Paris?  Why was Tom acting so badly before the alien took him over?  This story shows that there are very good reasons why we didn't see the former and no good reason at all why we didn't see the latter.  Very alternative ending here.  The R rating is for adult situations and language.  Chakotay and Janeway have a lustful encounter (not explicitly described) while she's in Tom's body. Janeway's POV. 
  Vis a Vis Alternative Ending - - The Sequel  [R version].  52KB. This sequel picks up where the previous story left off.   Tom describes his reactions to those events as well as further developments (hint:  it'd be best to read Vis a Vis Alternative Ending first!).  The R rating is for adult situations and language.  Lots of Tom ansgt.  Tom's POV. 
  Vis a Vis Alternative Ending - Three  [R version].  124 KB Tom and Chakotay confront a life where they've lost 25 years.  Janeway attempts to bring her crew back with Tuvok as the logical choice to go after them.  Angst all around.  Mush.  A love story with Tom and Chakotay.  R is for adult situations and language.  No explicit sex but such a relationship is part of the story.  If this description is not for you, please read elesewhere.  Mostly Chakotay's POV.
  • He Could Do This [R] 64 KB - In this story, set after Caldik Prime, a young Tom Paris has a life's that's heading into a train wreck, using others and being used in turn. Tom has no money, no home, no job, and no prospects. Lots of Tom angst as he takes those first steps that lead to selling himself. R is for language and intense, disturbing situations. Sexual situations involving Tom with a female and a male. If you are uncomfortable with the description of this story, please read elsewhere.

P/K Section

  • Captain Proton's Blistered Buns [R version] 19 KB - Captain Proton's rocket pack propels more than his flight through space.
  • Janeway's Dead; Cavit's In Charge [R version] 263 KB An AU in which Janeway died when the array went down. And Cavit lived through the trip to the Delta Quadrant to become Voyager's Captain. What was life like on Voyager for Tom Paris with Cavit in charge? Warning: Rated R. Dark, nasty, violent, nonconsensual sex (i.e., rape), as well as romance between two guys. There's adult language and situations, angst. If this description means you could get squicked out by the story, you may not want to read it. Apart from Janeway, the characters who died, also died in canon, this time they go out on a different timetable.
  • Holiday Series P/K
  Harry's Halloween Dance Date  [R version]  10 KB - It's Halloween on Voyager and Harry and his shapely date in a silver body suit, four inch heels, dance on the holodeck at the Halloween party.  Then they go to Harry's quarters, and then they . . .  A PWP fantasy.  A K/7; P/K story with a male-male relationship between Harry and Tom.  If this description is not for, please read elsewhere.
  Harry's Thanksgiving Tom [R version]  28KB - It's Thanksgiving on Voyager.  Turkey is appropriate, isn't it?  After Tom neglects Harry preparing for Thanksgiving, Harry collects on a fixed bet.  Second in the Holiday Series.  R for adult situations.  This one has a dark side.  If male-male relationships aren't for you, or if seeing a dark side to the characters bothers you, please read elsewhere.
  Harry's Christmas Angel [R version] 120 KB - Tom spends most of Christmas Eve in sickbay after a disastrous trip to fetch a Christmas tree.  Lots of angst, a little bit kinky. So, once again, if male-male relationships aren't for you, or if seeing a dark side to the characters bothers you, please read elsewhere.
  • It's Not Cheating If . . . [R version] 11 KB - Amirin's story challenge: a one night stand. Technically, Harry doesn't cheat on Libby after he meets Tom in a Ferengi bar on Deep Space 9. Or does he? R for adult situations. This story portrays a relationship, however brief in its intentions, between two men. Please go elesewhere if this is not for you.


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