Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange

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Name: #ITPE or #InformalTwitterPodficExchange
Date(s): 2011-present
Moderator(s): bessyboo, cantarina, knight_tracer
Founder: bessyboo, cantarina
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: podfic/multifandom
Associated Community:
URL: ITPE_mod twitter account
AO3 collection
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Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange is an annual podfic gift exchange run on Twitter. The exchange has grown from 21 participants in 2011 to 72 in 2018.[1] Number of files posted peaked in 2017 at just under 1000.


"what the fuck you guys," tweeted the impressed ITPE_mod in 2016, who had a lot of uploading to do.

Participants tweet the mods with the fandoms they wish to receive and fandoms they are willing to give, with a link to a "Dear Podficcer" letter posted somewhere describing their preferences in detail. Gift podfics can be any length.

Assignments and gift distribution all take place via Twitter DM from early-mid October to December 25th. Participants submit each podfic individually via a google form.

The complete list of all gifts is later revealed on the Amplificathon community. All podfics need to be uploaded by the mods before the masterlist is posted, so the reveal can be delayed if participants make a lot of extra podfics or large files (which they usually do).[2]


#ITPE came about in 2011 after the announcement that podbang would not run that year. The Twitter podfic community, just starting to galvanize at the time, was discussing their disappointement and initially looked to paraka to run something in its place.

After both cantarina and bessyboo approached her about co-modding it, paraka put them in touch. The exchange was initially run from bessyboo and cantarina's personal Twitter accounts using the #InformalTwitterPodficExchange, then later, #ITPE hashtag. [3]

The exchange was conceived of around four main concepts: a holiday exchange, an exchange run entirely on Twitter, an exchange with no minimums (in response of podbang's sometimes prohibitively-long requirements), and an exchange that would be easy to moderate.[4]

Challenge History

The challenge has grown every year except for 2018. Number of participants each year:

2011: 21
2012: 44
2013: 53
2014: 57
2015: 67
2016: 69 (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) nice)
2017: 84
2018: 72[1]

Total runtime of all podfics produced was 168 hours (seven days) in 2016[5], 260:05:16 (ten days) in 2017[6], and 203:52:59 (8 days) in 2018[7].

Starting in 2012, "Dear Podficcer" letters were recommended, and participants could also submit treats for someone other than their recipient.[8]

A separate ITPE_mod twitter account was created in 2013. alexwlchan created a python script to generate the masterlist.[9] The script is available on github.

Originally, all submissions were made via twitter DMs. A new submission form was added for 2015.[10] In 2015, more than 450 files were archived to the Audiofic Archive as a result of the exchange.[11]

In 2016, a specific form was added for participants who had a mod as their recipient.[12] Previously, the recommendation was to submit directly to the other mod.[13]

In 2017, a rule was added requiring participants to list at least three fandoms, due to a participant signing up with a hard-to-match fandom multiple years in a row.[14] "Dear Podficcer" letters, previously optional, were also made mandatory.

Audiofic Archive was the original home of all ITPE submissions and mod-created podbooks. However, due to the site's ongoing issues, exmanhater provided a new host for all ITPE files starting with the 2017 challenge.[15]

In 2018, knight_tracer was added as a mod. 2018 was also the first year that the challenge shrank in participant numbers and output.


On the AO3 (AO3 posting is optional and these lists should not be considered complete):

Example Works

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.




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