Indoor Fireworks

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Title: Indoor Fireworks
Podfic Artist(s): growlery
Cover Artist: growlery
Date(s): December 29, 2011
Length: 0:29:53
File: 27.3MB mp3; 52.5MB m4b
Based On: Indoor Fireworks
Author: fictionalaspect
Fandom: Bandom / Panic! at the Disco RPF
External Links: mp3 & m4b
cover art

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Indoor Fireworks is a Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie podfic by growlery (0:29:53).

Summary: The first thing that comes out of Spencer's mouth is, "Um, do you have any rates set up for not having sex with people?"

"I think you have the wrong number," the voice on the other end of the line says, and hangs up."

This podfic was made as a gift for crazybutsound as part of the 2011 Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Oh, this story! Escort!Brendon with Needs-A-Date-For-A-Wedding!Spencer. growlery has a very light voice with a lighthearted way of reading that fits this fic perfectly. She totally captures the unnerved awkwardness of Spencer and the laid-back (not literally) Brendon. The line delivery is perfect and I've listened so many times that I just wait for these perfect little gems, like "Oh," the operator says, and all of a sudden, in that one dropped syllable, Spencer realizes that he's speaking to a guy his own age, and not like, the high and mighty gatekeeper of all male escort services."[1]


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