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Title: In the Blood then "Invisible Ink"
Publisher: (Politically Imperfect Press (originally, early issues), ImPRESS Books ("In the Blood"), Kanallje Press ("Invisible Ink")
Date(s): 1995 and onward
Medium: print, CD
Fandom: Original Fiction
Language: English
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"A Change of Dreams," 2009, 249 pages
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In the Blood, later Invisible Ink, is a zine of original fiction. There are 15 volumes for "In the Blood," 10 volumes for "Invisible Ink," and 3 special issues.

They required an age statement to purchase.

Two stories in the first issue were previously printed in other zines: My Kingdom for an U.N.C.L.E. and Black Jag.


Some of the art is by Suzan Lovett, Kate Nuernberg, Karen River, and K9, as well as by the authors.

About: Summaries and Flyers

From Knightwriter:
This is a series of books set in a universe much like the Man From UNCLE, and the Equalizer, and covers both the work lives and personal lives of the characters. There are hetero and homosexual relationships, lots of angst and hurt/comfort, romance, and spy stuff. More gritty and realistic than UNCLE, something for everyone. [1]

From a 2001 flyer:

In The Blood is an espionage series taking place in a universe much like UNCLE's. Written by award winning authors Rachelle S, Hindman, and Jane Evans, (UNCLE and Equalizer writers), it involves not only the adventures but the personal lives of a wide cast of characters. Some stories are humorous, some are gritty and angst filled. You'll find characters inspired by the performances of some of fandom's favorite faces, in some of our favorite roles.

Het/homo sex, violence, humor, h/c, psychological trauma and healing, love, romance, more sex, family life, wild adventures, truly nasty villains. If you tend to like Alternate Universes, you'd probably love this.


Take a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Please forward to other fannish lists. Many of our readers come from UNCLE, Sentinel, and other action show fandoms. THANKS.

In the Blood 1

cover of issue #1, Hindman

In the Blood 1 was published in 1995 and contains 236 pages. It is digest-sized.

It is the first in a series of short stories featuring agents of the International Taskforce Bureau.

The fiction is by written by Rachelle S and Hindman.

"A young field operative named Paul Koslov faces danger and intrigue in his first assignments for the Bureau. While temporarily assigned to the CIA, he meets Company agent Gennadi Antonov."

  • The Rites of Passage Affair by Rachelle S. ("The story of Paul Koslov's first mission for UNCLE.") (reprinted from My Kingdom for an U.N.C.L.E. #10)
  • World Tour by Rachelle S. ("Follows UNCLE agents Paul Koslov and Dan Sohmer as they investigate a possible THRUSH connection to a music quartet let by Scott McCall, The Equalizer's son.") (reprinted from Black Jag #4)
  • The Dark Before the Light by Rachelle S ("Paul finds himself in Moscow, partnered with a CIA agent, Gennadi Antonov. Their mission leads to much more than Paul bargained for -- a walk on Moscow's dark side, where flesh peddlers and drug dealers dwell.")
  • In the Blood by Rachelle S. ("The aftermath to "The Dark Before the Light," dealing with Paul's coming to terms with what happened to him in Moscow.")
  • Love as a Battlefield by Hindman ("Tells of Nadi Antonov's adjustment to the Moscow mission.")

In the Blood 2

In the Blood 2 was published in 1996 and contains 335 pages.

"The adventures of ITB field operative Paul Koslov, his colleagues, family, and friends continue in stories by [Rachelle S], [Hindman], & Jane A. Evans. Paul & Gennadi Antonov must contend with enemy attacks on the homefront, Amber Chase is named head of security for the new training facility, and Simon Fu applies for a field assignment."

  • Love is a State of Mind by Hindman ("Nadi, now director of ITB's training facility, asks a favor of Paul.")
  • Milk Run by Rachel S ("Finds Paul with yet another new partner, one who thinks the young Russian is highly overrated.")
  • A Reason for Dying by Hindman ("The training facility is attacked, changing Nadi's life once again.")
  • The Enemy You Know by Rachelle S ("A demon from Paul's torment in Moscow is seemingly back from the dead.")

In the Blood 3

In the Blood 3 was published in 1997 and contains 325 pages. It contains a single story called "Before I Sleep" by Rachelle S, Jane A. Evans, and Hindman.

The illos are by Bonnie Reitz.

"Gennadi Antonov must deal with the charms of financial consultant Angel Lambert while setting up ITB's new training facility. Meanwhile, Paul Koslov's vacation in Greece turns deadly when he does a favor for a friend."

"Paul Koslov is reported killed while on vacation in Greece. But his vacation was a cover for a secret mission with world-wide implications.)

In the Blood 4

In the Blood 4 was published in 1998 and contains 330 pages. It contains fiction by Rachelle S, Jane A. Evans, and Hindman.

"New head of field operations Michael McDougal transfers into ITB's New York headquarters amid growing evidence that an enemy agent has infiltrated the Bureau. Unrest hits the Resort training facility as well, when Gennadi's former Company partner visits, with more than nostalgia on his mind. And Paul Koslov finds himself the target of a nasty enemy plot."

  • The Competition by Hindman
  • The Bait by Hindman
  • Blood Ties by Rachelle S
  • perhaps other fiction, OR this zine may contain a single long story

In the Blood 5

In the Blood 5 contains 485 pages.

"While Paul Koslov undergoes therapy for his demons, and faces an uncertain future, Marc Dubcek of the CIA, and Amber Chase, along with Simon Fu and his partner, must pursue the escaped Shaun St. Jacques and his depraved lover across the globe to prevent those two murderers from recovering a power source that would, overnight, let them rule the world."

In the Blood 6

In the Blood 6 contains 287 pages.

"Tales of Adventure and Self-Discovery -- In the aftermath of the Cyclops mission, CIA agent Marc Dubcek faces profound changes in his life, while International Taskforce Bureau field agent Paul Koslov tries to put together the shattered pieces of his life and career. At the same time, Gennadi Antonov, ITB's Chief of Training, finds the unexpected on a trip to his native Russia. Later, he is forced to face painful memories when the Head of Field Operations, Michael McDougal, tours the Resort training facility, the two men discovering a common link buried in the past."

In the Blood 7

In the Blood 7 contains 427 pages.

"When Gennadi Antonov travels to Colombia to review training methods, he finds himself joining former CIA agent Marc Dubcek in pursuit of an old enemy. At loose ends since he quit the Company, Marc has a score to settle with Antonio LaPaz, one of the men responsible for the death of Marc's mentor and closest friend. But LaPaz, still seething over the death of his lover by Marc's hand, has his own plan for vengeance, one with tragic consequences for the people Antonov and Dubcek hold dear."

In the Blood 8

In the Blood 8 contains 265 pages. All written by Jane A Evans, Hindman & Rachelle S. Art by Hindman, Rachelle S & MegaRouge.

  • Border Trade: "Back on active field duty, Paul Koslov and his partner, Jack Suarez, investigate mysterious disappearances south of the border. But Jack finds more than he bargained for in a case that hits too close to home."
  • Tall Tales: "Field agents Nora Reston and Elissa Chao encounter odd occurrences when they investigate a cult. Joining them is psychic Adrian St. Clair who is on a quest of his own."
  • Blood Ties: "Paul is assigned the surprising task of guarding a visiting Russian physicist, a man he'd helped once before and whose connection to the agent is known only by Koslov, himself."
  • Closing of the Year: "As 1996 draws to an end, change is in the air. Nadi and Angel come to a decision and Paul finds his life turned upside down once again."

In the Blood 9

In the Blood 9 contains 367 pages. It is comb-bound.

"While coping with the loss of his lover, Paul Koslov faces revelations that bring unexpected life changes, while his investigation into the accident that took her life brings to light an unofficial, covert operation within the Company, codenamed Baldur, that could have serious repercussions for the International Taskforce Bureau. Paul's partner, Jack Suarez, also gets unexpected news, and their boss, Michael McDougal finds his carefully constructed life turned upside down when Eluned Price enters his life. Marc Dubcek, former CIA operative now working for ITB, is adjusting to life as the adoptive father to his lover's young son, Jamie, but when someone starts stalking him, his happiness could be in jeopardy. And who really is Cole Hunter, and what is his role in the Baldur operation?"

In the Blood 10

In the Blood 10 contains 279 pages. The first run was perfect bound.

"The Baldur conspiracy grows more tangled, ensnaring Marc when he's framed for stealing government secrets. Back at home, Nadi, Amber and the rest of the Resort team, along with the current class of trainees, contend with a real danger, an attack by a group of isolationists."

In the Blood 11

In the Blood 11 contains 200 pages. The first run was perfect bound.

"Paul Koslov and his son are kept apart by the boy's mother, a free spirit who has her own ideas about parenthood, while Nora and Elissa, lovers and partners, find a mystery wrapped in an enigma of an assignment when they investigate a terrorist cell. Tavis Brust must face a decision about her new career, and Simon Fu, working with Paul, investigate why the earth really did move in the frozen north."

In the Blood 12

cover of issue #12

'In the Blood 12

"Marc Dubcek has a run-in with the enigmatic Cole Hunter while doing a security check of a casino. Paul Koslov and his partner, Jack, fill in as instructors at the Resort, and everyone learns some hard lessons. Two teams of field agents find their missions converging on beautiful Bermuda, with harsh reality at the end of the trip."

In the Blood 13

In the Blood 13 contains 246 pages.

"Paul Koslov, his partner Jack Suarez, Nora Reston, and Elissa Chao discover serpents in paradise when they investigate an OWD operation in Hawaii. Marc Dubcek makes a decision about Gideon Matthews. Hotshot Washington, DC field agent Geoffrey Norcross' bulldog approach to field work brings him to McDougal's attention, and an assignment in Paris gives him a taste of what working out of the New York office could do for his career. A wrong decision proves deadly for Paul, Tavis and Jack."

In the Blood 14

In the Blood 14 contains 206 pages. It has a color watercolor cover by Hindman.

"Karen Ingram's unwillingness to admit her mistakes put her partner, Simon Fu, in danger. Geoff Norcross and Keith Branigan go under cover and under the covers in Los Vegas, while Paul Koslov finds new love and old heartache in New York and Moscow. More adventures with the Resort team, and ITB."

In the Blood 15

In the Blood 15 was published in May 2003 and contains 235 pages. It has a color cover by Rachelle S.

"Introducing TEAM. Who are they, and are they good guys, or not? A quick mission to Japan gives Paul and Geoff a chance to pick up the threads of their partnership. On a mission with Keith and Jonas, Nadi has to resurrect his "Misha Kazmin" persona one more time. Just when Marc thought he could finally tell the Company to stuff it, comes one plea for help he can't turn down. Mad scientist Rene Sinclair needs Thia Flint's help to complete his latest weapon of mass destruction. Tavis Brust must keep her safe while Geoff and Paul go after the man who helped cripple Jordan Hyland."

Invisible Ink 1

Invisible Ink 1 contains 274 pages. It has a color cover by Rachelle S. This issue was published by Kanallje Press. "Continues the "In The Blood" series, with an expanded universe of story possibilities.

Stories include: "'Smokescreen' A series of murders, and the shooting of one of ITB's executives puts an unlikely group of investigators on the case. Simon and Marc know each other, but Simon's new partner and Cole Hunter are odd men out. 'Taken on Faith' A stray kitten leads Nora and Elissa to a faith healer who is using cats as spies. 'Persistence of Evil' Alan Druda has been a thorn in ITB's side, and Paul Koslov's, since Paul's first mission. When he resurfaces, and makes his attack more devastating than ever, Paul vows he won't escape. 'Cost of Living' Nadi Antonov finally gets the answers he's sought all his life, at a price. 'Downtime' Geoff Norcross makes some new acquaintances, feline and female. 'A Little Rest & Retribution' What should be a peaceful holiday at the Resort for Paul, Ryan, and Keith Branigan, turns into a rescue, a bit of revenge, and a resolution."

Invisible Ink 2

Invisible Ink 2 contains 215 pages. It hass colors cover by Hindman. This issue was published by Kanallje Press.

It contains "mixed characters het/homo/les. Stories: 'Seeing Double' A cruise on the Disney Boat leads to Marc helping a pair of ladies in trouble, and pondering Amber's unexpected news. 'Comes Around' Nadi's life as a man with a soulmate begins. 'Insertion' How do intelligence agents get placed undercover? Geoff finds out, and Paul makes a decision that surprises himself most of all. 'Sea Change' Sometimes, a man has to face his demons. Geoff finally does. 'French Kiss' Tavis meets Anna Koslova, and discovers some things about Paul are hereditary. 'Sticky Fingers' Cole Hunter is at it again, and after the biggest prize of his sordid career."

Invisible Ink 3

Invisible Ink 3 contains 382 pages. It has a color cover by Rachelle S and Hindman, and interior illos by Hindman.

"'Changing Places' Simon and Mel take on a movie producer whose film is more than it seems, while Marc and Amber contemplate a move to NYC. 'On the Couch' Meet Matt Tompkins, field agent aspirant. 'Solsbury Hill' FBI agent, Cuban born Rico Alvarez crosses paths with an ITB agent from the R&D department, and discovers a number of truths about old friends, and ITB. 'To Every Season' is a long story cover most of the characters from September to December. Paul is finding wedding planning worse than a mission, Geoff meets the woman of his dreams, Nadi finds his life is no longer his own, Marc and Amber get a holiday blessing."

Invisible Ink 4

Invisible Ink 4 has a color cover and interior art by K9. It contains 220 pages.

"Paul and Tavis's wedding day approaches, but a mission with Geoff may keep the groom from attending. Changes hit the Resort as Nadi supervises his last class before assuming his new duties in New York. Ryan's presence complicates Uncle Nadi's job Matt Tompkins, an ITB mechanic, completes his field training and returns to his home town, New York, finding some unexpected excitement. Marc and Amber have many changes to adjust to as the twins and Amber's promotion create ripples in their lives. Nora Reston's partnership with Morgan Lewis comes to an abrupt end."

Invisible Ink 5

Invisible Ink 5 contains 200 pages. It has a color cover and interior art by Hindman.

"Brody and Matt are off to Brody's native land for an important mission to stop a biological weapon. Nora returns to NY, and Elissa finds a new home in the Intelligence Department working for Nadi Antonov, who has discovered her secret skill and wants it for his own use. Meanwhile, Ozi Ben-Avram has begun looking for an OWD mole in the CIA, and is betrayed into OWD hands. Only Stevie's concern and skills may save him from his own folly. A little downtime leads to a serious breaking of the rules for Matt and Brody, which may affect their partnership."

Invisible Ink 6

Invisible Ink 6 contains a color cover by K9, and interior art by Suzan Lovett. It is 165 pages.

Five stories include: "Simon Fu is off to his new posting and encounters mysteries, on and off the job. Michael McDougal and Eluned Price reach a turning point in their relationship, and he must decide if he can forget the past to have a future. Elissa brings some interesting information to Nadi, and three seemingly unrelated cases turn out to be intertwined. Matt Tompkins' life hangs in the balance as Geoff and Paul and a team from Wyoming try to find a way to save him. Nadi and Keith find a little respite from tension and the summer heat."

Invisible Ink 7

Invisible Ink 7 contains 168 pages. It has a color cover by Kate Nuernberg and interior art by L.A. Adolf.

"Simon Fu settles into his new position in Canada, while Amber Chase comes up against unexpected obstacles in her position as Chief of Training. As Matt Tompkins recovers from the nanites' effect on his body, Brody offers him a trip to the Highlands, where Matt finds more than one surprise. For Paul Koslov and Geoff Norcross, a mission to Chechnya goes badly and the repercussions ripple through ITB and beyond. At home, dissatisfaction with the way things are going in ITB drives Gennadi and Michael and those who agree with them, to take risks that could change everything."

Invisible Ink 8

Invisible Ink 8 contains 280 pages. It has a color cover and interior art by L.A. Adolf. It includes some organizational charts.

"Amber and Marc must deal with their relationship being more long distance than they would like, and with the hints of something mysterious Nadi is involved in. Simon and Mel settle into Canada. Across the globe, for a small band of Chechen rebels, the arrival of an injured man claiming no memory is suspicious, even after he wins the heart of one of the women. Gennadi Antonov begins to see a familiar talent for strategy in intelligence reports on a rebel group's activities, and involves a reluctant Michael McDougal in an extraction, without Yorke's approval. Things in NY have gone from bad to worse, and finally, the time for change has come, with or without Paul Koslov."

Invisible Ink 9

Invisible Ink 9 contains 209 pages and a cover by Karen River.

"Soon after the coup, OWD proves it is still a force to be reckoned with when one of the ITB leaders is kidnapped. Brody goes to Scotland to deal with a family emergency, and his departure gives Matt time to rethink his relationships. Nadi's time in the field is taking its toll, and despite his promises to ITB, he must make a decision. Meanwhile, on the west coast, Marc gets an offer he's not sure he wants to refuse, but it means Amber mi ght lose all she's worked to gain. And while Matt Tompkins is handling being Blue Team leader just fine, he has to find a replacement for Brody, and when Norcross volunteers, Matt tries to find a reason to say no, and then has to deal with Red Team moving in, and bringing along someone who rubs Matt the wrong way, Eric Lundgren."

Special Issue: The International Taskforce Bureau Concordance

This issue contains 110 pages.

"A brief history of major events in the lives of the characters, and the story universe. Biographies of major players, character listing by their work assignments, vital statistics, and the layouts of the New York headquarters building and the Resort training facility let the reader more fully follow all the action."

Special Issue: In the Blood - History Lesson : Volume One

This issue contains 286 pages.

"In many of the above stories, past adventures have been referenced or excerpted; here, at last, are those earlier tales of danger and intrigue. This first volume focuses on Paul Koslov, beginning with his arrival in New York City at the age of 15. The son of KGB agents, Koslov has a lot to learn about his new home, and about the horrors and thrills that await him. In addition, ITB faces a changing global order and must change with it in order to survive."

Special Issue: In the Blood - History Lesson : Volume Two

This issue contains 205 pages.

"More of Constantine and Ilya's past adventures. This time: Westerly's journal reveals some disturbing truths about Ilya's family and brings to light the existence of the Cyclops stone. In a search for the gem, mysteriously missing from ITB's vault, Ilya meets a beautiful KGB agent named Anna Koslova. She, and Ilya and Constantine fall into the clutches of the villain Byron Steele, a man as cruel as he is clever. In the third story, comic books pose a threat to the world, and October Yorke and her partner, Noah, along with Connie and Ilya, must put a stop to it."


  1. ^ from Knightwriter