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Name: icarus_chained
Type: Writer
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Supernatural, Good Omens, Norse Mythology, Highlander, DC Comics, etc.
Communities: Archive of Our Own, Dreamwidth, LiveJournal
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icarus_chained is a writer in a number of fandoms.

Notable Works

Fan Fiction

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Star Trek


Fandom Activity

Icarus_chained wrote Doctor Who - The Doctor as a Character Across 11 Regenerations, A Doctor Who meta with livingtolaugh.

icarus_chained has issued blanket permission to podfic:

Feel free to make anything you feel like based on my stuff. I'd just appreciate it if you credited the original, and gave me a heads-up if possible... That's fanfic, mind. For my original stuff ... Um. I'd really prefer if you asked me first? I'm a touch territorial in that regard -_-;"[1]


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