A Far Distant Star

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Star Trek TNG Fanfiction
Title: A Far Distant Star
Author(s): Icarus Chained
Date(s): 2007
Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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A Far Distant Star is a Star Trek: TNG Picard/Q story by Icarus Chained.

The story explores Q's experience of the universe via Deanna Troi and his intense loneliness, a common trope in P/Q stories.

Reactions and Reviews

While teaching Troi to shield better, Q accidentally lets her see something in his mind that almost destroys her. He turns to Picard to help her because Picard's the only one he's willing to admit the knowledge that harmed Troi to. Maybe a bit over the top and overemotional, but the concept is original and the story's well written. [1]


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