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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Hope/Fanfic
Author: Hope
Dates: active 2004/2005 (Wayback dates)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: http://hope.rosiesamfrodo.com/fanfic/ (Wayback)
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Hope/Fanfic is a Lord of the Rings slash fanfiction site and the fanfic subsite of Cerin Amroth.

It has fanfiction, poetry, story notes, nonfiction, recs and links. The recs are sorted by writer and include recs for stories by Mary Borsellino, Adrienne, BrieflyFel, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, Cara Loup, Lily Baggins, Baranduin, mcee, Willow Wode, cimorene, MJ, Arien, Epona and Baylor.[1]

The page was linked in the Hidden Whispers directory in 2004 with the key words "English, Fictional/Real Person".[2]


Ghost -25/01/03 Frodo thinks there might be a ghost in Bag End. rated G slash: none

untitled -11/01/03 movie canon (TTT), Frodo POV... ringporn that isn't really porn. rated PG slash: F/S implied

Coming Home -17/11/02 Rosie may get a bad run of it in Hobbiton, but she always comes home to Bag End. (could be considered part of the PGY universe) rated G slash: F/S/R implied

Orchard - 17/11/02 Hobbit lasses in the Shire while their loved ones are on the quest. rated PG slash: Rose Cotton/Marigold Gamgee

A Shortcut - 17/11/02 Movie canon - what did Merry and Pippin get up to that day before they 'bumped into' Frodo and Sam? rated GR slash: M/P

Blessed - 17/11/02 Frodo and Aragorn, post-quest, Minas Tirith. rated R slash: F/A

Water - 20/10/02 Frodo and Sam in Rivendell. rated G slash: could be read as slash (F/S)

Autumn - 02/10/02 Sam doesn't think he'd like to live forever. rated G slash: no

Bauble - 11/09/02 Written for the One Ring challenge; in an AU, Grima Wormtongue comes into possession of the One Ring. rated R slash: no WARNING: graphic violence, dark/disturbing themes.

What Happened Before Co-written with Mary Borsellino. Set very pre-quest, Frodo babysits. (could be considered part of PGY universe, but works as a stand-alone) rated PG slash: none

Fair and Foul WIP - incomplete- last updated 28th July 2002 AU, kinda... At the Prancing Pony, Butterburr has completely forgotten to give Frodo Gandalf's letter, so Aragorn has to convince them to trust them on his own merits. Spans between Bree & Rivendell. warning: angst, interspecies rated R for slash (in later chapters) slash: F/A

A Familiar Song - 28/07/02 Rosie and Frodo talk, interact. (post-quest) rated PG slash: F/S implied.

Healed - 24/07/02 Frodo POV... rated G slash: no

A Possible Course of Action - 20/07/02 Fluff. Smut. Shireromp. (pre-quest.) Need I say more? warning: slash rated R-NC17 slash: S/F

Remembered - 19/07/02 As the Ring goes south, Frodo recalls some memories warning: angst rated PG slash: Smeagol/Deagol implied

A Small Collection of Memories - 17/07/02 approaching Mordor, Sam makes some observations. warning: angst, slash rated R slash: S/F

Torn In Two - 10/07/02 ...? (S/F, S/R) warning: angst, slash, het content rated R slash: S/F

Hope - 05/07/02 Awaiting attack in Ithilien, Faramir reflects. warning: angst rated PG slash: none

Primary Colours - 04/07/02 The colours of their lives. rated G slash: F/S

Affirmation - 27/06/02 The Travellers have returned from their adventure, but not unchanged. warning: horror, angst rated R for horror. slash: M/P

Silence - 23/06/02 Gandalf makes some observations about Frodo and Sam after the destruction of the Ring. warning: angst rated PG-13 for angst slash: F/S implied

A Gardener's Lot - 18/06/02 Frodo and Sam share a moment while resting in Henneth Annun. rated R for slash slash: F/S

Bronwe athan Harthad - 14/06/02 Frodo POV, in Ithilien (during quest) warning: major angst rated R for slash slash: F/S

We Wants It - 09/06/02 Frodo has something else Gollum wants. warning: vampire!hobbits, darkfic rated PG-13 for disturbingness slash: F/S implied, Smeagol/Deagol implied.

Afterlife - 08/06/02 Gandalf and Frodo have a discussion. Set in Minas Tirith during RotK. This fits in with the "Keep It Safe" continuum, so therefore ER (established relationship). warning: slash and angst rated R for slash slash: F/Gandalf

Winter - 24/05/02 Frodo falls ill again. (set in the Shire during RotK) warning: angst rated PG for angst and a bit of blood slash: none

Night Before - 13/05/02 Frodo and Sam have a bit of a chat the night before the leave for the Havens (set during RotK). warning: slash and angst rated R for slash slash: F/S

Indisposed - 10/05/02 Frodo has a little too much to drink during one of Bilbo's birthday dinners. (set during FotR in the Shire, after Bilbo has left.) rated PG (for puking!frodo and a bit of angst) slash: none

Darkness series - completed 05/05/02 Frodo (and Sam) struggle with the after-effects of the Ring on Frodo. Set in Minas Tirith, during RotK. warning: angst, slash rated R for allusions to rape/torture. slash: F/S

Keep It Safe - 04/05/02 Set during FotR after Bilbo has left (but before Frodo has), Gandalf makes one of his many visits to the Shire to check up on Frodo. Slash, ER (established relationship) rated PG for some light slash. slash: F/Gandalf

Brothers - 27/04/02 Set during TTT, Faramir and Frodo meet in Ithilien. (elaboration of book canon). Frodo POV, light (non-sexual) slash. rated PG for some angst and VERY light non-sexual/non-gratuitous slash. slash: F/Faramir

A Bit of Light - 26/04/02 Aragorn tends to Frodo between Weathertop and Rivendell. rated PG for dear little Frodo-sickness. slash: none

Dawn - 23/04/02 Frodo needs comfort in the woods of Lorien. In response to a challenge on frodo_slash to include these three words: "Dawn", "Firelight" and "Chocolate" in a L/F fic. angst. rated PG for non-graphic slash slash: F/L

Moonlight in Ithilien - 20/02/02 the re-united fellowship bring up memories and recollections in Ithilien after the War of the Ring. angst. rated PG. slash: F/S

Grief in Lorien - 19/02/02 Aragorn and Frodo in Lorien after Gandalf's fall into Shadow. angst. rated G. slash: none

Guest Stories (written for other authors' fan universes) back to top

Coming Home -17/11/02 Rosie may get a bad run of it in the Shire, but she always comes home to Bag End. (could be considered part of the PGY universe) rated G slash: F/S/R implied

Bedtime Story- guest story for PGY Ruby tells Frodo a bedtime story. (fluff alert!) rated G slash: none

Ache- guest story for PGY Frodo and Rosie compare battle scars. rated PG slash: F/S/R

Home Stretch- guest story for PGY Sam, Rose and Elanor are in Gondor, Frodo is left to care for the children. rated PG slash: none

Spring Cleaning- guest story for PGY The first day of Spring in the Shire (Rosie, Sam, Frodo, Elanor & Frodo-lad) rated PG slash: F/S/R implied

All- guest story for PGY Rosie thinks. rated PG slash: F/S/R implied

What Happened Before Co-written with Mary Borsellino. Set very pre-quest, Frodo babysits. (could be considered part of PGY universe, but works as a stand-alone) rated PG slash: none

No Ordinary Hobbit - guest story for PGY Inset story for "Bag End Morning". Rosie POV rated PG slash: F/S implied

Home Again, Home Again - guest story for PGY Sam, Rose and Elanor return from their trip to Gondor. rated PG slash: F/S/R


The Grey Havens - Originally posted as part of a discussion on rosiecotton; discussing various things including the cyclical nature of the book canon; the adjustments made to the end (and indeed, to all) of the LOTR films (and the reasoning behind that), and the relationship(s) between Frodo, Rosie, Sam and Elanor (and their roles). Apologies for the casual nature of this piece and it's poor grammar - it's been pulled directly from where it was originally posted.

Pretty Good Year - Analysing the success of Mary Borsellino's epic fanfic, Pretty Good Year, and being generally worshipful of it.

The Whys of Fanfiction - An extended rant exploring the reasons behind why people read fanfiction and why people write fiction and a complaint about those who don't seem to comprehend.

Claiming the One Ring - Another 'rant' about issues I felt were important in light of the fics being produced for the One Ring challenge.


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