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Name: H50 Big Bang
Date(s): 2016
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: http://h50bigbang.tumblr.com/
Final Works Round Up
H50 Big Bang 2016 (AO3 collection)
2016 H50 Big Bang.png
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H50 Big Bang is a Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang. It is centered around stories which take place in the Hawaii Five-0 universe, with a minimum word count requirement of 10,000.

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Way Down Deep Where The Shadows Are Heavy by andrealyn

28k – Steve/Danny, Kono/Adam – NC-17
With a new threat looming in Hawaii and Steve and Danny out of commission, Kono and the rest of the team are left to hold down the fort. On the to-do list includes figuring out why the skies and oceans are looking extra apocalyptic, why Lori Weston is in town, and how to fix the impending end of the world via Yakuza coven, all while Danny and Steve work through an inconvenient heat cycle.
Fanmix by pterawaters

The Family Line by pterawaters

10k – Steve/Danny – NC-17
When Steve gets interrupted in his investigation of his father’s death by Detective Danny Williams, it’s not the first time Steve has met Danny. Or Danny’s ex-wife, Rachel, for that matter. Unfortunately, no one but Steve seems to remember that previous meeting, or the wild night that followed. When Steve sees a picture of Danny’s daughter, he gets a hunch that his connection with the Williams family is far more meaningful than a simple one-night stand ten years ago.
Podfic by doctor_addicted

Diamond in the Rough by indehed

30k – Steve/Danny – PG13
Judge Wo Fat is searching for the key to wealth and power, though said ‘key’ is more of a ‘lamp’. A beaten, dusty lamp that has lost its shine and may or may not contain a genie. When Prince Daniel goes on an unauthorized walk in the city and gets himself in trouble, Wo Fat seizes the opportunity to use Steve (lowly palace guard and good samaritan) to his advantage. But it all goes wrong when Steve refuses to hand over the lamp and is left trapped inside the Cave of Wonders and now this new 'Prince Steven’ has arrived on the scene to win Daniel’s hand and he seems awfully familiar…
Art by Ksania

Speaker for the Bees by Millie

23k – Steve/Danny – PG
Hawaii’s Five-0 task force is charged with the investigation and pursuit of all major magical crime on the islands. The vicious murder of an elderly witch pulls the team into a case of disgruntled demons, confession compelling curses, and just a pinch of pixie dust.
Graphics by sillyowl

Thousand Touches (The Sherlock Holmes Murders) by Daisybelle

13k – Steve/Danny – NC17
Contrary to popular belief Steve and Danny have always been friends without any thought of romance or romantic love. Until they have sex one night. Determined to keep their friendship intact they have to investigate a serial killer in Honolulu, who seems to get his inspiration from Sherlock Holmes stories. Definitely not a good time to be distracted by sudden revelations and feelings for their partner.
Art by Skyearth85

Project Steve by Ivycross

27k – Steve/Danny – NC17
When a mysterious crate arrives at his door, Danny just sees it as a nuisance. Then he learns Chin and Kono have signed him up to test out a new robotic companion doll from Noshimuri Tech. Only the doll isn’t what anyone expected and that’s just the start Danny’s problems.



What is the Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang?

A big bang is a writing and art challenge pairing authors and artists to complete a long work of fiction. The Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang is centered around stories which take place in the Hawaii Five-0 universe, with a minimum word count requirement of 10,000.

How do I sign up?

To participate as a writer, sign up at the Author Sign Up Post. Sign ups begin Thursday, October 15th, 2015 and run through Saturday, October 31st, 2015.

To participate as an artist, sign up at the Artist Sign Up Post. Artist sign ups begin Thursday, October 15th, 2015 and run through Friday, February 5th, 2016.

Can I sign up as both an author and an artist?

You may sign up in both categories, but please be aware of your ability to balance your workload. Signing up as an artist is a commitment to the writer you claim that you will produce artwork for their story. Signing up as a writer is a commitment to the artist that claims you that you will produce a finished story to accompany that artwork.

Where is the schedule?

The schedule for this festival can be found here. If there are any questions or issues surrounding the schedule, please direct them to the mod contact post.

When and how do artists claim stories?

The Artist Claim Post will go up on Sunday, February 7th, 2016. In order to submit your story for an artist claim, you must be at least halfway finished with your draft (5000 words). Authors will submit their story summaries during Author Check-in Number 2, and artists will fill out a form to claim the story. All artist claims are first come, first served.

Where will the stories and artwork be posted?

All stories and their accompanying art should be posted to Archive of Our Own, with a header linking to your story posted on this tumblr. During the final check-in, when you have finished your works, you will be assigned a date and time to post your works to AO3 and the linked header to tumblr. You will be responsible for posting your own story/header at least 2, but no more than 24, hours before your assigned time. Please do not cross-promote your works until the bang is completed. Authors

What is the minimum word count? Is there a maximum word count?

The minimum word count required for this festival is 10,000 words. There is no maximum word count.

Can I use a story I’m already writing?

The goal of a big bang is to create a new work of long fiction within a specific time frame. As such, stories you have begun prior to the start of the bang cannot be used. Planning, preparing, and outlining prior to the bang is allowed; beginning your story before the bang starts defeats the purpose of the challenge.

Can I use a kink meme prompt?

As most kink meme prompts aren’t designed to inspire a full length story, we would prefer that participants write their stories from their own ideas, and not from kink meme prompts.

Can I write more than one story?

Signing up for more than one story is allowed, but discouraged due to the high word count requirement. You are the best judge of your writing pace, so please only sign up for what you feel is realistically achievable. Remember that submitting a summary to the Artist Claim Post is a commitment to your artist to complete your story or stories.

Where can I sign up as an author?

Please sign up using the Author Sign Up Post, beginning on Thursday, October 15th, 2015. Sign ups end on Saturday, October 31st, 2015.

Is cowriting permissible?

You may sign up with one coauthor for any given story. You may also sign up for an additional story with a different cowriter, if you desire.

Which pairings are permissible?

Any pairing is permissible, as well as general (Gen) fics. Crossovers with other fandoms are allowed for this bang. Real person fic (RPF) is not allowed.

Will my story definitely have art?

Due to the higher ratio of authors to artists in most big bangs, we cannot guarantee that all stories will have accompanying art. This is why we require that stories be halfway completed for submission to the Artist Claim Post. Completing half your draft by Friday, February 5th, 2016 and writing an interesting summary will increase your chances of being claimed by an artist. Some helpful gleekmods tips for writing a great summary were posted here for out with a bang.

When are the check-ins, and how many words are required for each one?

The full Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang schedule, including check-in dates, can be found here. Check-ins are an opportunity to touch base with your artist, the other authors, and the mods, but no specific word count is required. In order to submit your story for an artist claim, however, you must have a word count of at least 5,000 words by the second check in, Friday, February 5th, 2016.

What if I don’t finish my story?

You may drop from the Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang at any time prior to receiving an artist claim without penalty. Dropping after art claims is unfair to your artist. If you drop after receiving your artist claim without prior contact with the mods, you may not be allowed to participate in next year’s Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang or other gleekmods-affiliated bangs.

Is a beta required for my story?

Your story must be beta-read at least once before submission. We will offer a beta post to help you find a beta-reader if you do not already have one.

What pairings are allowed for this big bang?

There are no restrictions on pairings. We expect that most authors will choose to write about relationships, but if you wish to write a Gen piece, that is definitely allowed. Your story must unambiguously take place in the Hawaii Five-0 universe in order to qualify for this big bang.

Can I submit my story early?

You may not submit your completed story until at least 2, but no more than 24, hours before your assigned posting date and time. However, if you finish before April 1st, 2016, you will be poised to claim your posting time slot as soon as the final check-in opens. Please do not post your story to AO3 more than 24 hours before your assigned posting date/time.

Do I have a Tumblr/AO3 account to participate as an author?

All authors must have a frequently-checked email account, a tumblr account, and an AO3 account (or access to one) in order to post your finished works. Tumblr and AO3 accounts are free to set up and easy to use. We apologize if this is inconvenient, but previous bangs have had difficulty with posting format and consistency and this seems like the best solution to allow authors to maintain control over their own work and keep the bang running smoothly. Please provide us with an email account you check at least daily. Only the mods and your artist/author collaborator will have access to the email you provide. Artists

What are the art requirements for the Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang?

The Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang allows a wide array of art, with requirements based on the media. Artists providing a graphics package should include at least one piece of cover art, and a banner/header (which can be a modified version of the cover art). Artists submitting a fanmix should include a downloadable (hosted on dropbox or the like) mix of at least five songs with front and back cover art. Artists submitting traditional or digital artwork should include 2+ pieces of artwork, though one piece can be a banner/header or a piece of cover art. Artists submitting a fanvid should include at least one video of at least one minute in length. Artists submitting a Photoset or Gifset must have at least six (6) frames. Artists submitting a podfic should include a recording which covers the entire text of the story.

The summaries posted to the Artist Claim Post will include a note on any types of artwork an author prefers to receive/not to receive. Some authors may be uncomfortable with certain content (eg. nudity) or formats. Please do your best to make an artist claim that will best suit both you and your writer.

Artists are required to host their artwork on a site of their choosing, and then provide embedding links to their authors. Simply emailing your finished art files to the author is not acceptable. See below for more information.

How do I claim a story?

The Artist Claim Post will go up on Sunday, February 7th, 2016. Only stories with drafts of at least 5,000 words will be posted in the claim post, and all claims will be first come, first served. The Artist Claim listings will be anonymous (no author(s) names) and will include any pairings or warnings which appear in the story.

Can I claim more than one story?

Please claim only one story in the first Artist Claim Post. If we still have unclaimed stories, we will post a second claim post later that same week.

What do I do when I’m finished?

When you have completed your art, please contact your author to determine the best method for sharing your artwork. Any graphics or traditional/digital art should be embedded within the story, which requires the artwork be uploaded somewhere. There is no requirement for exactly where the artwork be uploaded (imgur.com is a popular service), though it must be uploaded by the artist. Graphic/traditional/digital artists may also make an art masterpost on AO3; please do not post your art to AO3 until 24 hours prior to your author’s posting date/time. Artists creating a fanmix for their stories should post the link to the downloadable fanmix, along with the accompanying cover art, to tumblr or AO3; your writer will include a link to the fanmix in the header of their work. Fanmixes must be downloadable (no 8Tracks mixes, please; dropbox is a popular solution for fanmixers). Artists creating a fanvid should post their video to YouTube, preferably with a link to the author’s story in the notes.

Do I have to have a tumblr/AO3 account to participate as an artist?

No, a tumblr or AO3 account is not required to participate as an artist. Your works can be hosted in any location mutually desirable to you and your author, and embedded/linked within the work in the most appropriate fashion. We do need a way of contacting you, so you must provide a frequently-checked email address. We cannot allow sign-ups with only tumblr urls. Betas

How can I offer my services to authors for this festival?

There will be a beta post where you can advertise your services and/or respond to pleas for help. If you are a beta, please consider tracking the beta post. Any other questions?

Please direct all questions to the mod contact post, and we will respond as quickly as possible.