Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang

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Name: Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang
Date(s): 2012, 2013
Moderator(s): chosenfire28, lillyg
Type: big bang
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Associated Community: "hawaii_bigbang". Archived from the original on 2017-12-13.
URL: Round 1 Masterlist
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Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang is a Hawaii Five-0 Big Bang. Stories must be a minimum of 10,000 words.

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Round 1

Art Only

Art for the story "Tooth and Claw"

Artist: mella68
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams
Warnings: None

Art: Tooth and Claw Cover

Artist: sian1359
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams
Warnings: None

Story & Art

this woman's work

Author: somehowunbroken
Artist: 1orelei
Word Count: 11,637
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Rachel/Stan, Rachel/Danny, background implied Steve/Danny
Warnings: The entire premise is pretty dubconnish, but other than that, nothing else. Spoilers for the end of season one, :including the finale.
Summary: Rachel is happy in Hawaii – she’s got a husband that she loves, a daughter she adores, a job that’s going well, and she’s mending fences with Danny. Everything seems to be going perfectly until an envelope appears on her desk. Inside are some photographs of Grace, taken without her knowledge, and a note that says instructions will follow. Everything spins wildly out of control from there as Rachel is forced to make choices and do things she’d never otherwise do in order to protect her daughter. [One possible take on the events from 1x18-1x24, and a few possible explanations; entirely from Rachel’s point of view.]

Autumns Lullaby

Author: mneme2434
Artist: beeej
Artist: tomosia
Word Count: 17,710
Rating: PG-13/low R
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny, Grace, Rachel, Chin, Kono
Warnings: n/a unless you include slash
Summary: Steve thought he was pretty content with the way his life was heading, until Catherine showed up on his doorstep with a surprise he never expected. The surprise leads to unexpected revelations between him and Danny, and the future starts to look even more promising. That is, until one person decides a little revenge against Steve is in order and causes Steve to question whether he made the right choices.

Countin' On A Miracle

Author: sian1359
Artist: bingeling
Artist: tobimonkee
Word Count: 15,888
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny; Grace; Chin; Kono; Rachel; Stan
Warnings: Children in Peril
Summary: There is a gunman at Grace's school

Malasada's for the Healing Soul

Author: thoughtreflex
Artist: evening_spirit
Artist: anuminis
Word Count: 117,000ish
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua and friends! No pairing unless you count the wonderful power of bromance, friendship and family
Warnings: Violence, Strong Language, Slightly AU, non-main character deaths, superpower, abuse of run-on sentences.
Summary: Let’s talk about your daughter,” Marcel said with the politeness of a circling shark and pushed the cooling coffee mug to sit before Danny once again. Danny continued to ignore it. He couldn’t drink it now anyway, the nausea had doubled since the picture had been laid out and he had to take several deep breaths to calm down. Jesus. He felt sick with dread. Steve had better find him. Soon.

Carpe Diem – Every Day Could Be Your Last

Author: kuhekabir
Artist: darling_lisa
Artist: vahly
Word Count: 28,300
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny
Warnings: dub-con and non-con (nothing too graphic but it is still there), hurt/comfort, amnesia, violence…
Summary: Steve is left to pick up the pieces of his life after a crazy stalker takes a shine to him.

Round 2


Author: queenmidalah
Artist: azuremonkey
Word Count: 12,548
Rating: PG-13
Crossover: Hawaii Five-0/Magnificent 7 ATF universe
Characters/Pairings: Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua, Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner, Buck Wilmington, Ezra Standish, Josiah Sanchez, Nathan Jackson, JD Dunne, Catherine Rollins; mentions of Catherine/Steve, beginnings of Steve/Kono.
Warnings Strong language, minor character death, mild violence
Author's Notes: Thank you SO much to azuremonkey for the fabulous artwork she created for me. I absolutely love it. It helped me get this story completed, and as I told her, I think this may end up as a series because I have more ideas forming in my head in this little universe involving the McGarrett brothers.
Summary: A case brings the Denver ATF office's best team, Team 7, to Hawaii to work with special task force, Five-0. The problem is, it brings up a past that Chris rarely likes to discuss with anyone. How are the rest of Team 7 and Five-0 going to handle the fact that Chris and Steve have a very intertwined past? Namely the fact that John McGarrett is Chris' biological father.

A Fielder's Choice

Author: carryokee
Artist: halighfataliter
Word Count: 31,500
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny, other canon characters
Warnings: homophobic language
Summary: After 11 years playing shortstop for the New Jersey Knights, Danny Williams is traded to the Honolulu Warrior Kings, perpetual cellar dwellers of the American League West and the armpit of major league baseball. With a bum knee and a dwindling batting average, Danny knows his career is in its death throes. But as long as he can walk, he's going to play, and hey, at least Gracie still loves him. When All-Star power-hitting second baseman Steve McGarrett shocks the sports world by turning down a lucrative contract with his current team, the Monterey Bay Seals, to return home and play for the Kings, the team his late father helped build, everything suddenly changes. The Kings aren't the losers they used to be and despite Danny's glass knee, the double play combo of Williams-McGarrett keeps making the nightly highlight reels. Better yet, Danny is hitting again.
Superstition dictates that you don't jinx a good thing by talking about it, but everyone in the clubhouse is thinking the same thing: This could be the year the Kings finally carve their name in the good kind of history books. Only there's something Danny and Steve aren't telling anyone: They're more than just teammates. Much more. For Danny at least, it's a huge reason for his recent success and anyway, they're not hurting anyone. Besides, it's really no one's business but theirs.
Too bad it becomes everyone's.

Dreaming of Home, a Place I’ve Never Been

Author: stella_lost
Artist: deedo_2313
Word Count:~16,250
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Steve-centric, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, OC’s
Warnings: TRIGGERY!This fic starts within the few months following the 9/11 attacks. This story is meant to identify with the human spirit in times of strife and not the attacks themselves. No disrespect is intended towards anyone that may have been affected by that terrifying day. Please know that I have the utmost compassion for those that may have been affected (in any fashion, means, or way) by that occurrence, as most of us were. My heart is with the first responders as well as the victims, the survivors, their families and us all, as we continue to heal from this horrific day. I also have the overwhelming respect for those that have served before, that served during, or continually serve in the US military and for their families back home.
a/u, angst, brief m/m kissing, military combat & scenarios, OC death (non-graphic), hallucinations, and a happy (or at least hopeful) ending.
Summary: As a U.S. Navy SEAL, Steve McGarrett was trained to take on anything that came his way, but then came 9/11, deployment, and a care package from a stranger back home. Suddenly, life wasn’t as a planned out and regimented as he once believed. Will the hopes and prayers of one stranger thousands of miles away keep him alive long enough to keep thinking for the future? Are his dreams enough to bring him home? And where was home anyway?

Off The Grid

Author: sian1359
Artist: azuremonkey
Word Count: 41,953
Rating: Teens & Up
Genre: Fusion (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol); Pre Slash; Action/Adventure; Mission Fic
Characters/Pairings: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, Kono Kalakaua and the rest of the gang
Warnings: Movie level violence and graphic language
Summary: The IMF's most experienced agent is needed to take on the World's most dangerous terrorist. Unfortunately, the team Steve McGarrett has on hand to help out is not one he would have picked, nor are the circumstances of the mission anything but trouble, of the worst kind. Kinda like Steve's attraction to IMF's Chief Analyst, Danny Williams.

Like A Lighthouse

Author: black_calliope
Artist: desertport
Word Count: 22,222
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Danny Williams/Steve McGarrett
Warnings Sexual contents, strong language, mild hurt/comfort
Summary: "If I was blindfolded/ and my memory was erased/ If every sign pointed to another place/ I'd still find you/ I will still find you" - When your reality doesn't match your hearts' desires, when everything you have is perfect and bright but still not right, well, then maybe you have to start fighting and find your way back home.

Loa Aloha My Take

Author: gotulloch
Artist: clex_monkie89
Word Count: 12,563
Rating: pg-13 for language
Characters/Pairings: Steve, Danny, Grace, Chin, Kono, Danny's Parents, OC
Warnings some strong language
Summary: Would things be different if Steve was more proactive in helping Danny deal with the disaster known as Matt Williams? Steve is worried about what Matt Williams has gotten himself into and what affect this will have on Danny. So he contacts an old friend for information. When he receives the information he knows that he will have to help Danny and make sure that Matt Williams stays alive. This is part of my Kokua Ko'u Hoaloha verse where Danny has custody of Grace and Steve has opened his home to Danny and Grace.


Author: tkeylasunset
Artist: chosenfire28
Word Count: ~24,000
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny, Kono/Adam
Warnings violence like you'd see on the show
Summary: When Kono is abducted, they have exactly 6 hours to find her before those who took her exact their revenge on Steve. Who has her? Where is she? And will they find her before the clock expires?

Thanks isn't really enough to express my appreciation and gratitude to my two wonderfully generous proofreaders-cheerleaders-handholders. If it weren't for rocsfan and lyricoloratura, this story would never have seen the light of day. Love you both!

Fever Hot and Soul Ravaged

Author: dante_s_hell
Artist: galadriel34
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 11,900 words
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny (appearances by Chin, Kono, and Max)
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers, but warnings for gory imagery and swearing.
Summary: Steve, sick with fever, experiences some traumatic flashbacks. Danny is helpless to fight the past.

Dynamite with a laser beam

Author: gottalovev
Artist: deedo_2313
Word Count: 14 300
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: mainly Steve/Danny, Mary Ann/Kono, Chin/Malia, Grace, Rachel
Warnings An action scene resulting in a serious injury for a main character (temporary), PG for sexual context – non explicit – and occasional strong language
Summary: Story of the “diverging path” variety, set in the middle of season two (non canon compliant for the last half of the season).
Mary comes back and takes her place in Steve’s house and in his life, where they learn to be siblings again. Danny and her get along like a house on fire, and Steve finally figures out why it bothers him so much when Danny gets hurt on a drug bust gone wrong and he realizes that he’s got stronger feelings for his partner than he thought.
He only wants the best for the two of them, really, but it’s hard to see Mary and Danny getting closer and closer when he’s dealing with his own unrequited crush.

Through the Darkness

Author: sylvanelfqueen
Artist: seleneheart
Word Count: ~53,000 words
Rating: PG-13 for language
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny (pre-slash); Grace; Chin, Kono, Mak, Meka, Malia
Warnings: language, some violence and graphic descriptions, pre-slash
Summary: written for hawaii_bigbang: Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett is injured when his team's convoy is attacked while transporting a prisoner. He's currently rehabbing at Tripler, trying to regain the use of his legs after a spinal injury left him in a wheelchair for the past two months. Grace Williams' class is learning about community service and spends an hour and half a week at Tripler with the recovering soldiers. Grace is drawn to the quiet, mysterious SEAL and soon the two have formed a bond, one that begins healing Steve's scarred heart and mind. Detective Danny Williams is haunted by a cold case that should've never gone cold in the first place. With the case only a few months old, and now one afternoon free a week while his daughter is out learning community service, Danny digs into the case again under the table with the help of another disgraced cop and will stop at nothing to see justice served.

Round 3

If You Try Sometimes

Author: superbadgirl/SBG
Artist: mella68
Word Count: 25,400
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny, Grace, Chin, Kono, OCs
Warnings slightly dark/angsty themes (serial killer, internalized homophobia)
Summary: Danny Williams, former Newark police detective, has found himself the owner of a gay bar in Waikiki but at the heart of him he'll always be a cop. USN Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett came back to islands he called home as a child because of his father’s recent murder, but he stays as the head of Governor Jameson’s elite task force Five-0 out of loyalty to his new team. When a serial killer’s pattern emerges, it brings these two men together and neither expects the impact, personally as well as professionally, when their lives entwine.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.

Author: mcparrot
Characters: Steve McGarrett, OMC, OFC
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~ 32,000
Summary: Steve and Wo Fat's time on the run ended badly. Very badly. Damaged and grieving Steve has to fight his own limitations to rebuild his life. Assuming a new identity he literally sails off into the sunset. Years after leaving Hawaii he is at peace and happy with his life when he has a surprise meeting with someone from his past. He realizes that while he isn’t the man he used to be, the one he is now has achieved amazing things and he really is all right.