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Name: Greenwoman
Alias(es): Diane C Wickes
Type: fan writer,fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 , Sentinel, Star Trek, The Man From UNCLE, Magnum PI, Magnificent 7
URL: fan fiction archive
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Greenwoman is a het, slash and gen fan writer and fan artist who has been writing fan fiction since the 1980s. Her Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fan fiction won her several ASC Awards. Her Magnificent 7 story "Ghosts and Guardians" (published in Scoundrels, Sinners and Saviors) won a 2000 FanQ Award.

In 2001 she participated in the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season; her interview was Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview with GreenWoman. "I wrote fanfiction (for "The Man From UNCLE" and "Star Trek") as a teenager in junior high in the mid-sixties, before I knew fandom existed. I entered sf&f fandom in 1971, and started playing in media fandom and writing/illustrating for media 'zines in 1980. "

Her work has appeared in "Facets" and "Flip of a Coin" (zines focused on Harrison Ford's various characters) and "Robin's Nest" (Magnum PI), and in a series of DS9 zines called "Love and Justice," edited by Chris Bichler, and "Odo-Files".