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Pairing: Skye/Grant Ward
Alternative name(s): SkyeWard, Skyward
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: popular
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Skye/Ward is the canon pairing of Agents Grant Ward and Skye from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In season 1 Ward serves as Skye's commanding officer, teaching her to become a real S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. A slow romance blossoms between them, until his treachery is revealed. Grant Ward is a Hydra double agent. He betrays his team and Skye rejects him. He continues to express love and caring for her, while she expresses hatred for him and his actions.

In season 2, these characters are often antagonists as Ward is often working with his mentor Agent John Garrett and Hydra. Ward is involved in kidnapping Fitzsimmons and takes part in a Hydra expedition to the alien planet Maveth. On this expedition, he is killed by Phil Coulson. After his death, Grant Ward's body is possessed by the powerful Inhuman, Hive. Skye and her Shield colleagues work to defeat him.

In season 4, Skye enters the Framework to save her friends from that virtual reality world, only to discover she is a Hydra agent and living with Framework Grant Ward. In this universe, Ward is again a double agent, this time betraying Hydra to protect Skye and help her rescue her colleagues


Skyeward is the second most popular pairing in the Agents of Shield fandom.[1] The pairing has remained popular despite the characters working in opposition to one another, sharing little screen time and beginning new relationships in canon.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Mission fics are very common within the Agents of Shield fandom and also in fics pairing SkyeWard. Going undercover together sometimes leads to fake relationship scenarios.
  • Grant Ward Redemption - These fics are mostly set after he is revealed to be a Hydra double agent and usually involve diverging form the canon of Season 2. Often Skye must rely on Ward to defeat a greater evil or escape a mission gone wrong. There are also a number of works examining Ward's inner conflict as he betrays Skye. In season 3, some fans headcanoned that Hive was defeated in a way that allowed Ward to survive. In fics with this storyline, Skye and Ward often help each other recover.
  • Ward gains Inhuman powers - These AU fics can see Skyeward working together or on opposite sides, but both characters have Inhuman powers.
  • Grant Ward isn't Hydra and Canon Divergence - No Hydra Takeover AU fics.
  • Skye goes to Shield Academy fics often resemble High School AUs, with Skye and Ward going to school together as teenagers. These fics sometimes have a lot of angst and can deal with Ward's very unhappy childhool memories.
  • Domestic fics and fluff are often common despite their antagonistic relationship in canon. These can include Future fics, some of which find the pair married with kids, but there are also mission related works.
  • Framework AUs, set in the virtually reality where Skyeward are canonically in a relationship and Ward is actually one of the good guys.



  • Who is Skye? by Just a Bit Dipsy, May and Coulson are Skye parents however since their daughter married Ward against their wishes and Coulson fired the pair when he found out what will they do? Coulson regrets his decision of firing his daughter, but now that she has ran away will he be able to find her in time, before he biological father shows up? Or will he never earn her forgiveness back?
  • My Reasons Why by silverslitherer, also has Fitzsimmons, How much of a hard life do Skye have? What about Ward? What happened to his brother in the Well. And what the heck is a Lightbulb Group! (AU)
  • you are the guide and the weight of her world by serenitysea, au of the lara verse. or the one where skye and ward have angry hate sex and she gets pregnant but ward doesn't find out until years later when he runs into them.
  • Know Your Enemy by FavoredFire, Following SHIELD's fall from grace, Skye navigated the trust issues and desperate power grabs with Hydra while struggling with her new powers. Meanwhile, Ward worked to rid himself of any emotional attachments and forget the past that seemed to follow him everywhere. But when a mission gone wrong results in two becoming entangled, it begins a startling chain of events that changes the two enemy spies and affects everyone around them with consequences no one could expect.
  • Under My Skin by Poetgirl925, AU Skyeward. As a specialist, Grant Ward values control and order in his missions. But when he's paired for a long term undercover op with Skye, a former Rising Tide hacker he previously butted heads with, his infamous control is tested. Posing as a newly engaged couple, they're wary partners in a mission that could prove fatal if they can't learn to trust each other.
  • our hearts broken from the start by catteo, Some vague time between the events of TAHITI, Yes Men and End of the Beginning. Ward's trying really hard to maintain his cover story but Skye isn’t making it easy for him. Or, the one where Skye uses handcuffs to demonstrate how she’s definitely not a damsel in distress and Ward realizes that he’s completely screwed. (smut)


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