Fountain of Sorrow

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Title: Fountain of Sorrow
Author(s): Eileen Roy
Date(s): May 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Fountain of Sorrow is a slash Starsky & Hutch vignette by Eileen Roy.

It was printed in Pushin' the Odds with the summary: "("another version of the Infamous Brass Bed Story.")

A Rebuttal Fic

It was written as a response fic to Surrender, a highly controversial partner rape story.

From a fan in 1985:
Something slightly unusual about S&H lit is the relative commonness of prequels, sequels, and remakes or "missing scenes" for other S&H stories and the original episodes. Possibly this is because there are fewer stories to be told about two men in one city than about, say, a shipful of folks in a galaxy. The best known example of a story and its spinoffs maybe "The Brass Bed" by Billie Fowler, which inspired both Donna Mcintosh's "I Read It in the National Enquirer" (unpublished) and my own "Surrender" which in turn inspired Eileen Roy's "Fountain of Sorrow" and Cath A. Rine's "Right Between the Eyes"; three other unpublished stories on the same theme are "The Bound Blintz", "Revenge of the Bound Blintz" and "Bound Blintz: The Motion Picture", by an anonymous author. In the holocaust department, Roy Smith's "A Brother Helped Is a Strong City" was parodied in Sue Doughnym's "He Ain't Heavy, He's My City", and extrapolated into Jill Ripley's Decorated for Death (which Jody Lynn Nye and I parodied in "Demonstrated to Death".) Teri White followed Hopscotch with My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys and [S. Soliste] continued the characters in her three Vermont Avenue stories. [Jean C.'s] "Buried Treasure" brought about Jody Nye's "Up the Amazon", and after [Rosemary C] wrote "What's a Partner For?" Pam Rose joined her in "A Virgin in These Woods". [1]

Reactions and Reviews


The best work [in the zine] is the weird but mesmerizing S/H vignette, "Fountain of Sorrow" dealing with a dark side of the characters that many readers will be unable to accept. [2]


That 'Surrender' story was sounding kinda interesting, and how could a emotional H/C lover like me *not* want to read something called 'Fountain of Sorrow'. [3]


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