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Synonyms: fpreg
Related: mpreg, Magical Pregnancy, kidfic, Pregnancy
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Fempreg or fpreg usually[1] refers not to all stories in which women are pregnant, but to stories in which conception is the result of f/f sex between cis women. It is quite rare and would probably not have a name if it were not for mpreg's popularity, but it does show up in most popular femslash fandoms, especially ones for fantasy or science fiction properties. Xena: Warrior Princess has a rare example of canonical fempreg with Callisto's ghost impregnating Xena.

Another example of canonical fempreg occurs in Kotobuki Tarako's mostly mpreg-filled manga Sex Pistols (published in English language as Love Pistols). Madarame Makio, a female character, has given birth to two sons by two different fathers and has also 'fathered' two more sons with her female partner Tokashiki Karen.

And the final season of Legends of Tomorrow contains an fpreg pregnancy, Sara Lance becomes unexpectedly pregnant with Ava's baby, helped by Sara's alien DNA, at a time when they are planning for Ava to get pregnant by IVF and a donor.


Some fandoms and characters are more likely than others to include fempreg in their fanworks. Often these fandoms involve source texts that feature sci-fi, fantasy, or science fantasy elements, and many of the former are a result of magical pregnancy. Scientific and technological concepts, for shows such as Doctor Who, can also be incorporated into fpreg fanworks.

Fpreg fics often involve some form of surprise or shock regarding the pregnancy, as many of them have the characters unaware they could actually conceive given the circumstances of the sex.



  1. ^ Usage may vary. For example, see this 2006 Harry Potter masterlist of female pregnancy fic: Normal pregnancy, that is Fpreg