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Synonyms: fpreg
Related: mpreg, kidfic, Pregnancy
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Fempreg or fpreg usually[1] refers not to all stories in which women are pregnant, but to stories in which conception is the result of f/f sex. It is almost vanishingly rare and would probably not have a name if it were not for mpreg's popularity. Xena: Warrior Princess has a rare example of canonical fempreg with Callisto's ghost impregnating Xena.

Another example of canonical fempreg occurs in Kotobuki Tarako's mostly mpreg-filled manga Sex Pistols (published in English language as Love Pistols). Madarame Makio, a female character, has given birth to two sons by two different fathers and has also 'fathered' two more sons with her female partner Tokashiki Karen.



  1. Usage may vary. For example, see this 2006 Harry Potter masterlist of female pregnancy fic: Normal pregnancy, that is Fpreg