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Synonyms: fpreg
Related: mpreg, Magical Pregnancy, kidfic, Pregnancy
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Fempreg or fpreg usually[1] refers not to all stories in which women are pregnant, but to stories in which conception is the result of f/f sex. It is almost vanishingly rare and would probably not have a name if it were not for mpreg's popularity. Xena: Warrior Princess has a rare example of canonical fempreg with Callisto's ghost impregnating Xena.

Another example of canonical fempreg occurs in Kotobuki Tarako's mostly mpreg-filled manga Sex Pistols (published in English language as Love Pistols). Madarame Makio, a female character, has given birth to two sons by two different fathers and has also 'fathered' two more sons with her female partner Tokashiki Karen.



  1. ^ Usage may vary. For example, see this 2006 Harry Potter masterlist of female pregnancy fic: Normal pregnancy, that is Fpreg