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Fandom: Panfandom
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A History of Visibility

Fannish Activities More Visible to Other Fans

Fannish Activities More Visible to Mainstream Culture

Fannish Activities More Visible to Journalists

The Rise of Acafandom

Visibility and Different Platforms: Journaling Communities

  • Newsletters...How Public Are Public Posts? is a September 2005 LiveJournal post by cathexys. It was picked up by Metafandom and excerpted on their roundup of links with this excerpt:
    So one of the fundamental problems is whether it's OK to link to other things online, whom to share this information with, and how public or private LJ entries really are. Because here's the thing: LJ is on this bizarre verge of being both, neither totally one nor totally the other. Some folks don't have robot and spider block so that you can google their public entries; some flock part of their stuff, others most or all. Some change settings continually, keeping posts public for a few days or going through fits of changing filters [...] // And how we regard our own journal, how much info we share in public and private posts, how open we think of our posts will obviously affect how we view other journals. [1]
  • "Some recent fandom kerfluffles revolve around the public/private divide, specifically in reference to livejournal. The very useful stargate_weekly newsletter has (quite sadly) ended in anticipation of avoiding future arguments over the role that linking to personal livejournals plays in the public/private divide." [2]

TPTB: Fandom's Increased Visibility as a Force to Contend With/Harness/Make Money From

More Open Conversation About Sexualities

"...the fact that the actors/directors/authors/etc. seem to be aware of the existence of slash fandom, and in some cases are fairly benevolent towards it, goes a long way in making slash more mainstream, through making it more acceptable, even hip. ;)" [3]

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Meta/Further Reading


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