Fan History Questionnaire: Dawnwind -- 2011

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Interviews by Fans
Interviewer: Morgan Dawn
Interviewee: Dawnwind
Date(s): 2011
Medium: email exchange
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In 2001, Dawnwind participated in a small email exchange project regarding fan history.

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The Interview Excerpts

What year did you enter fandom?

Technically 2000, which is when I got my own computer, but I had been on the fringes for years previous to that in various fan clubs, cons, and writing fic on my own. [I found] zines in 1999.

How did you learn about fandom? '

I was in the X-Files fan club in the 1990s, but in 2000, when I got a computer, I joined online discussion groups and message boards.

Your first/current fandoms?

It is ...hard to be specific since I wrote Alias Smith and Jones fic and Starsky & Hutch in the 1970s, as a teen, for myself and friends. When I discovered zines in 1999, I began to write ASJ again as well as Starsky & Hutch. Currrent fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals, ASJ, Numbers, Hawaii 5-0.

What was your first convention?

My first con was Star Trek right after the 1st movie: Kristy Alley was a featured [guest] star [at the convention]. I was not a Trekker, but the con was literally down the street from my house in San Francisco. In 1995, I went to two X-Files cons put on by Creation Con. I had a new baby, so I didn't attend another con until 2004, Sharecon - and have gone to one or two every year since then. I far prefer fan cons to [the ones put on] by big business Creation Con.

How did you find about slash?

In late 1999 - early 2000. I was using public computers for my initial flush of online fiction. Came across S&H slash and my own computer and stayed up very late to read Flamingo's "Talking Dirty Pool. I read it at midnight. I blushed.

What has surprised you most about being a fan?

That I can have so much fun with women who are - at first - total strangers except for our common interest in some [TV] series. Then over these characters, we bond, form friendships and communication. It's powerful and amazingly loving, even if I may not even speak the same language as another fan.

How have your fannish interest/participations changed over time?

As a teen, I wrote fic for one or two friends. Didn't know about zines and cons. Now I am often on email with fan friends, I participate in Yahoo lists and LJ, go to cons, submit [fan fiction] to zines and online archives - and I edit stories. As a dyslexic person, this was a revelation, that I could be a good editor.

If there was one person/event you'd want fandom to remember... Flamingo in Starsky & Hutch fandom. She runs Sharecon, is always ready to impart fandom history, encourage new fans, get out zines, start [fan fiction] archives, podcasts....A bundle of energy who thinks sleeping is for wimps.

The most awesome thing I ever did in fandom was...

I'd like to be remembered as a decent writer, decent editor and nice person. I suspect I'll be remembered for writing the Bound to the Law series in Starsky & Hutch. I didn't know [when I wrote the story] that older fans considered BDSM not a fit for Starsky & Hutch. LOL. I can't tell you how many people email me: "I just wanted to try out the first story. Didn't plan to read all five, but is there a number six? I am hooked." Makes me grin every time.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I was shy as a child, I still might be. But at cons, I turn into a person who participates in panels, joins in games, jumps into the plays - fandom women fill me with confidence, strength and joy and I wouldn't give that up for the world.

The one question we didn't ask, but should've?

Do you still have the first fic you ever wrote? Or read?" "Yes, I do. I wrote dreadful things at 14. ASJ mostly. It's under my bed and no one else will ever see it.