Exchanges After Dark

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Discord server
NameExchanges After Dark (EAD)
Date(s)January 12th, 2018–[1][2][3]
Fandom(s)Exchange Fandom
ScopeAO3 Exchanges and similar events
Accesspublic to those over 18 years old
URLEAD's Discord[note 1]
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Exchanges After Dark (EAD) is "an 18+, NSFW-friendly discussion space focused on fanwork exchanges, fests, bangs, and the like"[2] Discord server run by shadowsapiens. It was created following FFA discussion of Rosencrantz's moderation of the Yuletide Discord Server in the lead up to Smut Swap 2018[4] but ultimately came together more out of a desire to have an exchange discussion server that was separate from Yuletide.

EAD mod here, and I certainly talk about smut in both places :D EAD's niche is as much "less official, less Yuletide-centric" as it is "pornier." Crantz's initial hesitance to create a smut swap channel was one factor in starting it, but not the biggest since he ended up creating one anyway.[5]

EAD features general channels for discussion as well as channels for individual exchanges, which are created on request.[1][6] EAD is considered a good resource for people who want to learn to run an AO3-based exchange, especially since it got a channel to talk about exchange modding.[7][8]

EAD's annual exchange celebrating its own founding, EAD Birthday Bash, can be considered the first flash exchange, although the format didn't take off until Morne ran the first round of We Die Like Fen out of EAD. Several exchanges have started on EAD, including Canon Ball, We Die Like Fen, Iron Triangle, Writing Rainbow, and Untitled Goose Exchange.

In January 2020, Shadow provided these growth numbers in a Dreamwidth post:

January 2019: over 300
June 2019: 400
August 2019: 500
November 2019: 600
January 2020: 698

I regularly prune duplicate accounts, so the above numbers are a decent estimate of actual server population.

There was a big spike in (northern hemisphere) Summer 2019, due to the number of flash exchanges starting on the server. The first of the batch, We Die Like Fen, was a community event run primarily on the server, so a lot of people joined in order to take part. I saw similar spikes for Iron Triangle and other following exchanges. Most of them were less EAD-centric than WDLF, but anyone who wanted to claim pinch hits needed to be on the server.

There was an especially big spike the weekend Mpreg Flash and Writing Rainbow: Blue started - the mods for both of those exchanges included EAD invite links in their fandomcalendar ads.[3]


  1. ^ The invitation link to Exchanges After Dark Discord has been included on this page with permission from shadowsapiens.