Exchanges After Dark

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Discord Server
Name: Exchanges After Dark (EAD)
Date(s): January 12th, 2018–[1][2]
Server Owner: shadow_lover
Fandom: Exchange Fandom
Scope: AO3 Exchanges and similar events
Access: public to those over 18 years old
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Exchanges After Dark (EAD) is "an 18+, NSFW-friendly discussion space focused on fanwork exchanges, fests, bangs, and the like"[2] Discord server run by shadow_lover. It was created following FFA discussion of Rosencranz's moderation of the Yuletide Discord Server in the lead up to Smut Swap 2018[4] but ultimately came together more out of a desire to have an exchange discussion server that was separate from Yuletide:

EAD mod here, and I certainly talk about smut in both places :D EAD's niche is as much "less official, less Yuletide-centric" as it is "pornier." Crantz's initial hesitance to create a smut swap channel was one factor in starting it, but not the biggest since he ended up creating one anyway.[5]

EAD features general channels for discussion as well as channels for individual exchanges, which are created on request.[6] Several exchanges have started on EAD, including Canon Ball, We Die Like Fen, and Escape The Iron Triangle. EAD is considered a good resource for people who want to learn to run an AO3-based exchange, especially since it got a channel to talk about exchange modding.[7]


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