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Name: shadow
Alias(es): shadowsapiens (current AO3/dreamwidth) shadow_lover (former AO3/dreamwidth)
Type: exchange mod, server mod, fan writer
Fandoms: exchange fandom, Bungou Stray Dogs, Yuri!!! On Ice, various danmei cnovels, original works
Communities: Exchanges After Dark


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You may be looking for shadowlover, a similarly-named exchange fandom writer.

shadowsapiens is a fan writer and mod in the exchange fandom who used to go be shadow_lover before changing her username to avoid confusion with a similarly-named Yuletide participant. Shadow mods the 18+ Discord server Exchanges After Dark and its yearly anniversary celebration, Birthday Bash. She also ran the single fandom exchanges Rare Ships!!! on Ice[1] (a Yuri!!! On Ice rarepair exchange) and Bungou Stray Dogs Spring Fling as well as modding roughly half of the second round of We Die Like Fen.

Shadow gives the follow Blanket Permissions on her AO3 profile:

I give blanket permission to remix, podfic, translate, illustrate, or otherwise play with my works, provided you link back to the original fic, and let me know about it :)[2]


  1. ^ She revealed her modding of RSOI in the January 2020 post retirement!!! on ice - thanks, everyone! where she revealed that she wouldn't run it again
  2. ^ shadowsapiens' AO3 profile